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ORC Fall 2022 - Week 8 | Final Reveal!

...As it was! It has been over 2 months ago that this deck remodel was in the works, destined to become the winter haven that it finally is! I am still in awe over its transformation, and I know you will agree with me too! But first, let's take a quick look back at the 'before' pictures to compare-- To read more on its backstory and view the transformation, you can visit previous weeks here week 1  |  week 2  |  week 3  |  week 4  |  week 5  |  week 6  |  week 7 Throughout its life, our deck was a well lived platform. It has seen parties, nightly barbecues, and most of all, relaxation under nature's beautiful canopies in this woodland setting. But unfortunately, time did take its toll and rot began to take its shape. Many years of staining helped in its preservation but between its ageing and ours, I don't know what gave in first :( . One of the home improvements that we thought would add much value to perhaps, a future resell, would be a 'deck

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