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One Room Challenge - Week 3

I guess you can call this HALF-TIME of the One Room Challenge - Week 3! As an e-Designer, a lot of my initial time is spent on the computer...sourcing well-priced product; curating furnishings and accessories that are Earth-friendly, sustainable and human-kind; creating concept boards that try to achieve a cohesive look; creating a schematic floorplan that a makes sure the measurements are correct and a cutting edge 3D render. While I'm tackling the technical side of designing my interior, I am also about to get very physical in this process and quite frankly, I don't know which endeavor I really enjoy more! Thus, this challenge for me has become a sort of 'Hybrid' as most of my real life projects have evolved into as well.This past week, as you can see on my Concept Board, I have landed on a few interesting elements for my Bedroom. It was love at first sight, when I laid eyes on my beautiful new dresser for the room. Practically going out the door from a wonderful sto…

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