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ORC Fall 2023 Week 8 | The enSuite Reveal

Welcome back to the Reveal of my One Room Challenge of the 'Mister/Mistress Ensuite'!! I know you're anxious to see this transformation in all its glory! If you care to take a peek back at the before pictures you can start at the beginning , 8 weeks ago! ...and here are some of the "before" pics of our very outdated, tired, in disrepair bathroom- There is a reason why bathroom and kitchen remodels command the utmost care and attention whenever renovation projects are started. They can be very costly and time consuming, not for the faint of heart. With that said, let's take a look at all the special features that make this serene space an earth-friendly haven!! Highlights Love, love, love the linear Masterbrand vanity refurbished in an espresso stai

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