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ORC Spring 2024 Week 2 | Food for Thought!

Let's Mood Chat! We are at Week 2 of the One Room Challenge ! Just in case you missed week 1, please catch up here ! This event was created by Linda Weinstein for Designers, Enthusiasts and the talented Do-It-Yourselfers community! It is a great way to completely renovate, refresh, and renew a current space in your home in less than 8 weeks!! There is a lot going on under the table...or rather in my studio where I am tirelessly trying to search for a base to replace the existing one for my glass top. This is bringing me back to over a decade ago, ok, almost 2 decades ago, the last time I began such a search on foot! I lucked out then, when I visited the local 'Wicker Store', currently not around anymore, and found an oval rattan base that could support my "oval-ish" glass top. For sure you would think there would be much more to choose f

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