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ORC Spring 2021 - Week 2 | Bonus Room Remake

It's the second week of the One Room Challenge and I am starting to put the Plan in motion. Here is the Plan from opening week . My Concept for my space is becoming solidified with form and function. Who doesn't love a cream slipcovered chair & 1/2 playing center stage in their space? The chair was originally purchased for and resided in a downstairs den but in a hurry had to find a new home once the family den turned into my husbands forever work-at-home office at the start of the Pandemic. So of course my cozy 'lazygirl' chair had to join me up in my Bonus room. It's the kind of chair that just envelops you into a state of heavenly bliss whenever I choose to sit and relax with a good 'ol fashioned home décor magazine and an aromatic rosé. I tried a small mid-century apartment sofa but it just didn't suit the space. Once I was able to squeeze the chair 1/2 thru the 36" doorway, it slid into its space perfectly.  Creating a concept board is always

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