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A Winter Solstice Bedroom

What a difference a 'Duvet' cover makes!  You can imagine how excited I was when when shopping for bedding during this Fall's One Room Challenge event, when I fell in love with a second duvet cover for my Owner's Bedroom Suite, that I just had to have. Take a look back from my last Blog entry to see what got me started on the road to bedroom bliss!  The last several years, I slept only with quilts, and while I love the comfort and ease of them, not to mention the beautiful patterns and textiles, I found myself longing for more loft in the Winter season. Since I live in the South East, our shorter Winter season can definitely call for one, if only for a couple of months. With the recent creation of Down Alternatives and light season Duvets, I decided to give them a try again. Can you imagine my excitement when I discovered a world of beautiful covers for duvets and comforters offered in luxurious linens and cotton varieties. And so many unique patters and designs, color

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