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ORC Fall 2021 - Week 2 | Psychology by Design

W O W !! There are so many participants for the  Better homes & Gardens One Room Challenge .  I am following a few as well, and I wish I had more time to follow All. But I must not get sidetracked as to why I am here this Fall, And that is to transition a secondary bedroom on my second floor into a Guest space that is serene and peaceful, as well as a welcoming and relaxing space to be in, no matter the time of day! Who knows...I might find myself a perfect respite away from the spaces I usually inhabit throughout my own home. I am very lucky to have this luxury to do so, so please follow along with me to see the exciting visuals I have planned-  But first...let me explain the reason for taking on the transformation of my home at this time in my family's and I life. I came upon this Challenge after I had begun a new pivot in my career to eDesign! Working from home remotely posed many challenges for all of us in this household. While a 2500 sq. ft. story & 1/2 ranch provides

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