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ORC Fall 2022 - Week 1 | Unto the Woods

Isn't it a great feeling to step outside, breath in the fresh air? Whether it be floral scents from a favorite garden in bloom or the smell of salty air from the ocean, the body knows when you are treating it to nature's delights! Renewal has been a great topic of concern this past year, and as an Interior Designer my aim has been to bring this same sense of renewal into the home. It is a passion/profession of mine to create harmonious environments for others all while honoring the earth to the best of my abilities. This Fall I am a Guest of the One Room Challenge , which promises to be challenging, with the many product and service delays in an overburdened construction industry. But I will undertake the task, and work through the anticipated delays and possible mishaps that may occur.  To refresh your memory, the One Room Challenge is an event originally created and owned by Linda Weinstein. She is the woman responsible for enthusiastically bringing this event to the Interio

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