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ORC Spring 2021 - Week 7 | Endless Summer

Look who made their appearance just in time for the Summer Equinox, this serene calla lily! It started putting out shoots some time ago, but like all things in life, beautiful things come to fruition with patience- And just as such, as with the Better Homes & Garden's  One Room Challenge . I hope next weeks "Reveal" is just as delightful and surprising! While started by Julia Weinstein as a six week design challenge for pros and enthusiasts, the extra 2 week extension has allowed those committed to transforming their homes into aesthetically pleasing spaces they will absolutely love! If you can just wait about another week, you will be able to feast on all the splendor. This week has actually been a pretty smooth process for me. Shopping for some odds and ends last minute afforded me plenty of time to just enjoy what I love to do most...decorating!! I absolutely am humbled by all the wonderful earth-friendly products coming to market this past year. I think the wake-u

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