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Modern Oasis in the 'Burbs

Global warming is evident all over the world, and it is occurring through our volatile weather patterns that are impacting the seasons. Here in the Southeast of the United States, unseasonable warmth has persisted for longer than normal and as a result we are having an extended fall season through the wintertime season. While no snow has been in view from the Appalachian mountain trail to the seas, we are basking in the warmth of the Holidays and taking to the outside environments for comfort, solace, and joy!! And not surprising is the new issue of Seasonal Living's Winter edition entitled "Comfort and Joy". It is what we all long for these days. After long months endured for many through illness and hardships in these unprecedented times, mankind has been on a mission to create more peace in their surroundings, more happiness in their lives, and share more love with all creatures big and small. I am part of this crusade as well, and for this reason I entered into a Des

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