One Room Challenge - Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of the One Room Challenge

Fireplace Install

Whoosh...I am sure you have heard these sighs before! Week 5 of this One Room Challenge is a tough one for me. While glad that my major furniture purchase is delivered and in place from week 4, I decided to proceed with the design and install of my new electric fireplace. I was real lucky to get Kevin Legg of Holly Springs, NC - a terrific Handyman - to work with in getting this accomplished in time for the final reveal. 

Here is the original drawing of what is to be built. While I was hoping to recess the box into the facing wall from our bed, seems like it is a load bearing wall so no can do. Instead I decided to build a fireplace surround from wood and drywall and add my final touches to it.

The firebox is a linear model with the option to place clear crystals or faux wood inside its display. Many hours were spent tracking down the right model, and I can accredit it to my husband, Michael, for his diligence with this task. He does have a vetted interest in it too:) The fireplace will placed 31" above the floor, and will be just the right height for lying in bed and watching the embers as our feet are kept nice and warm from its dual setting heater. I just can't wait for our first big chill to get under the covers! But first, I will have to decide on a finish that will enhance the overall design scheme of the bedroom and make that wall the main focus that it deserves. While I am a minimalist at heart (yes, less is more) it sometimes cost more too. Without adding the extra weight of cementing, I am going to bring back an old process of faux painting my surround to give the illusion of texture. Thank goodness for the allotted extra time given to us to complete this challenge, as I shop and try out different color hues and techniques to hone into this process. 

Getting Techy 

Another great tool at my disposal is the rendering software on my computer that let's me construct different fireplace surrounds in a wide array of materials and colors. This is what I have been working on this week: With this photo realistic quality of my render I can really experience the space before the project had begun. This is a service that I offer through my DebSoChic website, where you can explore the many different eDesign packages--
Well, I haven't quite decided which pop of color will create the ambience I am looking for, you will just have to pop back in to see!

The Wall Hanging

To add to my new fireplace wall, I am replacing a beautiful tapestry that has brought me many happy years of waking up to. But I have grown tired of it and so am looking to source another happy feature to my waking routine. There are so many beautiful wall hangings to source these days, that I have been crushing on the many weave varieties. So many are being created with varying textures, fabrics, stitches etc. Here is one I picked up in World Market to play with the earthy color pallet and size and shape. I am not quite sure this one will quite make the cut, but calming to me and very interesting nonetheless!

Some other weavings that have been trending for a few years in High Point Market that have taken up prime showroom space are from Surya--

All are so beautiful in their unique patterns and colorways. Most of these wall hangings are handmade in India from Fair Trade craftsmen and craftswomen. Also, made from wool, cotton and some polyesters. It is so hard not to fall in love with more than one!

Getting to the Finish Line!

Well I am sure by now you are wondering how many more layers will go into my newly refreshed Owner's Suite....quite a fewwwh. And there's that sigh again! I've got to get busy and stay focused these next two weeks for sure. After that, you know what time it will be? The  F I N A L  R E V E A L!!!

Bye for now...


This week I curated a a very relaxed shopping board that creates a sense of calm. You can "Shop My Shop" and as always, I will earn a small commission at no added charge to you---

* Happy Shopping*


Janet said…
Ah, a fireplace in the bedroom is the ultimate! I've always dreamed of having one! Looking forward to your reveal :)
Hi Deb! I love the fireplace idea, and had never thought of building one OUT from the wall, as you are doing. And good luck finding just the right weaving, too. It looks like you have some great options already...and the fact that you are aware of and sourcing from Fair Trade resources makes me personally happy.
Love the fireplace and can't wait to see the end result!
DebSoChic said…
Thanks so much Janet! So have I...and now with this type of electric Fireplace so popular today, it is finally possible to enjoy!!
DebSoChic said…
I've always followed the motto 'where there's a will there's a way' !! Thanks so much for following my journey--
DebSoChic said…
Thanks you! The end is in sight and I can see the light :))
Unknown said…
Deb, I love your new fireplace idea, and especially love the idea of a fireplace in the bedroom. Looking forward to your reveal.