ORC Spring 2021 - Week 2 | Bonus Room Remake

It's the second week of the One Room Challenge and I am starting to put the Plan in motion. Here is the Plan from opening week. My Concept for my space is becoming solidified with form and function. Who doesn't love a cream slipcovered chair & 1/2 playing center stage in their space? The chair was originally purchased for and resided in a downstairs den but in a hurry had to find a new home once the family den turned into my husbands forever work-at-home office at the start of the Pandemic. So of course my cozy 'lazygirl' chair had to join me up in my Bonus room. It's the kind of chair that just envelops you into a state of heavenly bliss whenever I choose to sit and relax with a good 'ol fashioned home décor magazine and an aromatic rosé. I tried a small mid-century apartment sofa but it just didn't suit the space. Once I was able to squeeze the chair 1/2 thru the 36" doorway, it slid into its space perfectly. 

Creating a concept board is always one of the first steps in the design process and one that really gets my creative juices flowing. I use this process for clients projects whether it be in-person locally or on-line virtually. I am newly considered a Hybrid-Designer! I began my interior design journey after finishing a career as a design consultant in furniture stores. Technology has made it possible to enhance my skills as a designer so I pursued a certificate in interior design to add to my business degree. While I followed a traditional line of study for the course, it wasn't long after I learned of eDesign and met Jenna Gaidusek and her eDesign tribe. I embarked on a new path for my residential interior design career where I was able to combine my on-line shop into a new model that creates a synergy in my practice. I love what I do!!

For this space, I am keeping a neutral palette for now by incorporating some earthy elements. I want my home studio to represent my brand, DebSoChic, in style and color! I work best in a minimalistic environment that doesn't distract from my design process and developing new ideas for clients. 

Tech plays an important aspect in my home office therefore my work space needs to accommodate a wide enough computer screen that I can have multiple software programs visible on my screens. Also, my computer needs to have enough memory to run graphic heavy programs. 

My home office needs to house fabric samples for the many furniture lines I represent for clients. I also house many flooring, carpet, and window treatment samples. The more crafty and physical materials I like to keep on hand are objects and items I use for creating flat-lays. I also like to  keep on hand art supplies from my design classes and others from hobbies thru the years.

Some time ago I purchased the island for a kitchen in another house, but when we moved into this home I managed - by no small feat - to get it upstairs to the bonus room where I knew it would service our family in many ways. It is great for supplies and at standing height, serves as a great base for multiple physical projects.

Another important mainstay of my room are the storage closets that display décor and gift merchandise for sale in my DebSoChic on-line store. Most of the products are purchased at High Point Market and are one-of-a-kinds and showroom samples.

Well, this should wrap up this second blog of this series: After viewing my Concept Board perhaps you might be interested in "Shopping my Bonus Room Look"  If you make a purchase I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you! Time to get back to work.....

* Happy Shopping *

...from the Light Of My Home to Yours,



Janet said…
I love the image of curling up in that chair with a glass of wine and a design magazine - that sounds heavenly! I too like neutral colors in my office so as not to distract from the colors I work with every day for clients! Looking forward to following along as this project unfolds!
Sheri Bruneau said…
Your neutral palette is so calm and inviting. I love that your home office reflects your company brand.
DebSoChic said…
Thanks Janet! Glad to hear you love a neutral office as well. I will hunt for something to Pop!!
DebSoChic said…
Thank you Sheri! Looking to create something contemplative...