Modern Oasis in the 'Burbs

Global warming is evident all over the world, and it is occurring through our volatile weather patterns that are impacting the seasons. Here in the Southeast of the United States, unseasonable warmth has persisted for longer than normal and as a result we are having an extended fall season through the wintertime season. While no snow has been in view from the Appalachian mountain trail to the seas, we are basking in the warmth of the Holidays and taking to the outside environments for comfort, solace, and joy!!

And not surprising is the new issue of Seasonal Living's Winter edition entitled "Comfort and Joy". It is what we all long for these days. After long months endured for many through illness and hardships in these unprecedented times, mankind has been on a mission to create more peace in their surroundings, more happiness in their lives, and share more love with all creatures big and small.

I am part of this crusade as well, and for this reason I entered into a Design Challenge hosted by Seasonal Living and the Edesign Tribe this Fall, to create a residential space that would highlight "Wellness & Comfort" in the home. I would be judged on how creatively I showcase indoor/outdoor styles of transitional and modern, clean lined architecture and display a seamless divide between both spaces.

This current theme is close to my heartstrings as an "Earth-Friendly" Designer, as I have been on my own personal mission to live more eco-consciously and sustainably as I walk upon this Earth. As a Native American from the first nations, it is my responsibility as well--

So how exactly do I go about achieving this synergy? Take a "Virtual" journey with me as I refresh and transition my own suburban abode into a modern holistic retreat!

My Virtual Show-house

Entry into my home brings one into a light filled space that right away opens up into the 'Great Room'. I purposely painted all the walls in my home a clean white canvas, actually, Sherwin William's 'Pure White' and complimented with more muted colors throughout. This creates a serene environment that quiets the mind and brings peace to the soul. I curated the furnishings in this room with several pieces from the  collections of Seasonal Living outdoor/indoor furnishings and decor lines. While I was able to reupholster my current sectional with a more earth-friendly weave fabric, I compliment it with a very unique coffee table, the Alchemist, from Seasonal Living's Ingot Collection. The pair fits together like a glove and hammer aged bullion tops aged and smooth Inca cacao sides. The colors and patinas create a true one-of-a-kind artisan piece in the home. The Inca collection is carried out through to the outside decks as well. Cozy up by the flame with the Aztec fire pedestal and Byzantine table that use the trademarked Super.Bio.Fuel. They are simply wonderful

Since I was able to create this virtual rendition of my home in real time....I decorated for the current  Winter season, inside and out, with all its splendor of the Holidays. I used fresh spruces and evergreens inside and out and added touches of sparkle with holiday led lights. Winter is such a dark time of the year, and the glow of lights create a warm glow as well as remind us of festivities and celebrations and the beginnings of a New Year to come.

New Year — New You

This Don Gardner 'Irwin' house plan is a very open floor plan with a slight partition dividing the Kitchen. And I love it this way. Gather around as I pick fresh herbs from my inside garden. There's plenty of seating in this space and a couple of ceramic glazed ottomans from Seasonal Living for an impromptu party! The Morning area opposite the kitchen island has been transformed into an open pass thru to the outside Veranda. There, I can host outdoor barbecue parties or bring food from the kitchen for easy everyday living. The screened drapes will help in the summertime keep flying pests out! The dining furnishings are form SL Perpetual Teak Sparta Collection and seating from the Capri Collection with the Teksilk soft Olefin slipcovers. 

Step onto the outside deck for an elevated luxurious experience. Here you'll find a heated lap length pool surrounded in marble. When finished with your swim, grab a towel and drink and head over to the bar table, I for sure will join you there! When we are done, there is a couple of yoga mats waiting under the tree and we can meditate to the gentle sounds of water falling from the fountain.

While the warm winter days in the south provide mostly 3 seasons of outdoor living, there's always a source of fire nearby to heat up to. The sunken fire habitat was created with this especially in mind. The cozy Seasonal Living 'Fizz Imperial Spritz' sectional seating provides superb functionality while allowing for plenty of roominess. Sized right for even apartment size terraces it fits snug as a bug in its newly created sunken living-room. Grab a blanket and soft pillow to snuggle with by the SL 'Ingot' modern Fire Table. It is absolutely fantastic for large groups or napping!

Easy Living

Being lucky to live outside/inside with nature provides plenty of opportunities to de-stress from everyday worries and take in natural benefits from the sun and plants. It is imperative to our survival to treat our minds, body, and soul to nature's gifts in the most holistic way possible. I like to incorporate the science of 'Biophilia' into our homes and know that its healing properties could benefit us all. This is evident from the furnishings and decor I use throughout the residences I design and decorate for as well as throughout my own! I seek out products that incorporate organic materials in its production and Seasonal Living is one of those companies. I am so happy to curate my new healthy home with them.

Final Touches

While Spring is right around the corner, I wanted to showcase my home in preparation for its arrival and have added touches of pastel shades and lighter notes. Have a look around and see where  the subtleties are displayed. It is in the modern home that these features can really stand out. 

While 2022 promises to be a year full of renewed hope, why not try to incorporate "wellness" in your everyday living throughout the changing seasons. Welcome change and know that it is an opportunity for improvement over our selves, our environment, and our most sacred space....our home!

...from the light of my home to yours,


Please take the opportunity to follow through to some of my highlighted links for exploration of the Seasonal Living product lines. Through the eEdesign 'Design in Five' shopping catalogue you can purchase some of the products showcased in my 'Virtual Show-house' through me--

*Happy Shopping*


Janet Lorusso said…
Beautiful job on these renderings, Deb! I LOVE the SL hammered metal and the ingot collection pieces so much!
LiLuLisa said…
Such an amazing virtual showhouse. Great job on the renderings! Love the furniture selections.
DebSoChic said…
Janet Lorusso and LiLuisa, thank you both for you visiting and commenting!!