ORC Spring 2023 - Weeks 6-7 | Laundry Day is coming soon!!

I want to take the time to stop and show appreciation for having connected with this great social medium of Interior Designers, DIY's, and Enthusiasts; founder and creator Linda Weinstein; the numerous sponsors of the One Room Challenge and especially the Apartment Therapy media company. And a big thanks to all my followers for having immense patience through all my trial and tribulations of my home renovation journey with me. It's been a real challenge this time around!! Now onto the show!!

You can always take a trip back in time to: Week 1 |  Week 2 |  Week 4 |  Week 5 to read about the beginnings of the project.

* Countertops * are in the House!

By now you know I had planned to have the Cosentino Quartz in 'Desert Silver' installed and they turned out to be all that I hoped for. They are a very lightly toned grey with a smooth/polished surface and a light veining of marble-like stone running throughout the slab. Subtle and serene at the same time! They totally transformed the Laundry Room as an efficient space to sort and fold clothes on. There is nothing like a countertop to tie the elements all together and add some structure and purpose. While this was my main goal from the start, I decided to carry the theme throughout to the Ensuite and Upstairs Bathroom, since I had a minimum purchase requirement. The older cultured marble vanities were to be recycled by Cosentino and had been really worn over these past years. I love how the 'Desert Silver' shows in the upstairs bathroom. When I designed the decor for this home, I specified different style cabinets and wood finishes for each of my spaces where cabinetry would be installed so it was exciting to see how each would coordinate with the same quartz. Instead of all the spaces being generic, I gave it character from the start while keeping with a central theme in the home, Earth-friendly Living-

Here's a short video of the Cosentino bath fitters cutting the stone. It creates quite the dust storm!-

The tile in each of the bathrooms was carefully selected by me, while keeping budget in mind. The polished quartz coordinates beautifully with the polished ceramic floor tile and bath surround that also contain veining in the stone pattern.

So, saving the best for last...the Ensuite turned out beautifully! It's the perfect design for the 84" long double vanity. It is really in here that the stone really shines. It really gives the space a luxurious feel and a serene space for body care, not to mention spare room for accessorizing.


The next day Schwartz Plumbing arrived on site to perform their hand at installing the vessel sinks I had ordered for the bathrooms. I was able to order vessel sinks and faucets through my supplier's vast catalog in multiple styles for quick delivery and easy returns. I love the scalloped shape of this transitional vessel, by Signature Hardware, that blends in nicely with the rest of the bathroom. Porcelain sinks coordinate with the existing garden tub. And did I mention I still love the garden tub from back in the day. It has easy entry to total soaking and relaxation bliss! The faucets I purchased for the vessels are "waterfall' style matching the other stainless hardware. The water flows naturally from an open mouth style spout, streaming down effortlessly. The lever moves with ease to turn on its waterfall effect. So serene!

For the upstairs single bathroom vanity, I adorned the white-washed oak cabinets with an oval semi recessed white porcelain vessel. This bowl is spacious and sleek and made by Kohler. Also, the faucet and drain assembly is Kohler's and outfitted in matte black coated steel. The flow of water is direct from the contemporary pipe design and easy turned lever. I am sure this will be neat addition to the upstairs with guestroom and my studio spaces.


So much of last week consisted of finalizing orders for the wallpaper, lighting, and dying/staining the doors, fronts and base of the cabinetry. It is definitely a work in progress, and I find that rushing this part of the process will only leave regret down the road, so it might mean I need to take stock and see where I am at by next week. Will keep you in tune.

Here is my sample board that shows the deep espresso finish that I am working toward. The dye coats a beautiful patina on the birch/hardwood cabinetry and is a big improvement over the manufactured cherrywood stain that grew tired.

The Extras

Some additional wins this week, were the sliding shelf by Rev-a-shelf that my hubby installed in the laundry room 9" base cabinet, next to the washer tower. I have always wanted this small convenience of not having to reach a high shelf for the laundry detergent. The other top cabinet will hold other cleaning dispensers and items that aren't used as frequently. We picked out some neat pulls and handles for the hickory cabinets that add a bit of industrial flair.

Oh, and I picked up this cute little pillow that needed to keep me company in my laundry room!

Well, the final week will consist of painting, staining, and wallpapering. Hopefully, I can leave an extra day or so for accessorizing...my favorite part of the design process. I have some unique ideas for bringing these projects to close where I can finally begin to enjoy these newly made-over spaces for good.

I hope you will continue to follow me through to the reveal(s) as I bring another ORC to its close. I can't wait to show you what I have created!! Till next time...

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *