ORC Spring 2024 Week 2 | Food for Thought!

Let's Mood Chat!

We are at Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! Just in case you missed week 1, please catch up here! This event was created by Linda Weinstein for Designers, Enthusiasts and the talented Do-It-Yourselfers community! It is a great way to completely renovate, refresh, and renew a current space in your home in less than 8 weeks!!

There is a lot going on under the table...or rather in my studio where I am tirelessly trying to search for a base to replace the existing one for my glass top. This is bringing me back to over a decade ago, ok, almost 2 decades ago, the last time I began such a search on foot! I lucked out then, when I visited the local 'Wicker Store', currently not around anymore, and found an oval rattan base that could support my "oval-ish" glass top. For sure you would think there would be much more to choose from today, but the stickler is trying to find one without a glass top already included. It seems separating the pair creates a headache for some stores and manufacturers.  Most likely pertaining to quality control and warranty. After having worked in many, many furnishing stores in the past, I remember I could order separate SKU #'s and would do so in order to diversify the product mix!

In any, event, this is where I am at now...diligently at the computer trying to source product and be mindful of budget at the same time! Thankfully though, the High Point Market Furniture Show is taking place for the next 5 days, and I will be in attendance, scouting out the latest in-home fashion!! It will be a treat for sure.

Here are some tables that have caught my eye! Since my original table was all glass and very modern, I like the juxtaposition of mixing different elements today. I also like some of the more organic shapes that are coming into vogue. I still would like to keep, a piece or two, of an existing piece in the dining area so I need to "eclectically blend".

So there you have it! I have perused some interesting shapes and styles. Wait till the end to see which one makes an appearance.


One of the tasks of a Designer traditionally, is to create some sort of mood board or concept board of the project. One of my most favorite things to do, and this time was no exception, with the rise of 'AI' technology, I decided to prompt text into a ChatGPT box with a "few of my favorite things". And here they are!

Many of these elements speak to the essence of a contemporary dining room with muted colors, contrasting materials and textures all in an Earthen Chic vibe-

This has been very instrumental in developing some newfound inspiration for my project!

Time To Say Goodbye...

The time has come to pack up the collectables that were either gifted to me, handed down, or thrifted throughout the years! Many are still dear to me and some need to be retired. With crates, bubble wrap and a pair of hands I had my work carved out for me!

Once upon a time, I was the Owner of a decor shop on the west coast.

It was venture I embarked upon after having worked as a design consultant in a beautiful contemporary furniture store. At a point in time when a lot of the big chain stores were in demise, I was afforded the opportunity to open a brick-and-mortar store and so I embarked on this journey after having been a vendor of decor and giftware in different marketplaces throughout my career! Definitely this should be a blog post for another day...but the point here is that I have surrounded myself throughout my life with beautiful art objects! Currently I operate an e-commerce shop where I sell these objects of my fancy from all over the world. Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future some of these vintage items can be cataloged and sold at the DebSoChic shop as well.

Check back here next week to see how far I progressed with this design challenge. It's just starting to get interesting...

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


Janet Lorusso said…
Great finds for your table base search, Deb - I lLOVE that ribbon base one! Have fun at HPMKT...wishing I was there, but can't make it to this one :(
Amy Wax said…
I love following your research on what tables to buy and the boards showing all the colors you are considering! I look forward to watching future posts on your ORC!
Robin Burrill said…
I hope you find the PERFECT base at HPMKT!! I'll be curious to see how the final update looks.
It was fun to find out a little bit more about your background as a decor shop owner, Deb, from reading this post.

I will look forward to seeing what base you choose, too!

And.. I loved seeing how you used Chat GPT to get some..and share some.. inspirational mood boards.

DebSoChic said…
Thank you All for your thoughtful comments! Soon all will be revealed-