One Room Challenge - Week 2

This is the week of the
One Room Challenge where I tend to feel I have all the time in the world to complete it...sifting through fabrics...perusing my favorite shops...glancing magazines. There's only another 5 weeks left, but I've had more than a few years to dream about a dreamy bedroom! As the years go by and the trends come and go, so do my aspirations. Here is my wish list: 

  • Wall hanging
  • Throw rug(s)
  • Dresser
  • Nightstands?
  • Comfy lounging
  • Shelving 
  • Drapery/window coverings
  • Lampshades
  • Bedding

Well that's pretty much it for starters. I'm sure I've left a few things out, but we'll see it how it all comes together! For now, here is a sneak peak of my room in a floorplan.

While there is not a lot of floor space, the space is very lofty with vaulted ceilings. Refer back to my week 1 challenge post to read about the makings of this house; I love the fact that there is kind of a discreet ceiling fan to gently move air around the room and I hope that more people today consider installing them more in their homes for that exact reason. Air can become so stale indoors that it is such an economical and basic way to circulate without much energy. Also, go ahead and open the windows from time to time as well.  According to the ancient Feng Shui practice it is not advisable to sleep with too much structure over one's bed, but I hope the install of a white ceiling fan is not too much of an obstacle causing bad chi! Because after all, the main focus of the bedroom is to create a space of restitude and calm. I also tried to free my home from as much toxicity as possible when I was building, as well as decorating throughout the years. In my most recent painting of the walls I used Sherwin Williams HGTV designer brand for very low volatility. I have been most happy with this washable flat paint as well.

Of course getting the right white throughout the house, which is now a custom white hue...well, let's just say I'm particular; which created a few challenges and do overs for the painter :) But, that's a Blog for another time!

While all the downstairs floors are solid country maple, maybe a thing of the past nowadays, I purposely carpeted the bedroom (a bit of a cost savings at the time of building). Recently, I re carpeted with an Olefin Berber that uses recycled fibers choosing a very low profile so I can layer a rug or two as I so choose. The windows in the room are craftsman style, double hung, requiring 95" drapes to reach the floor and the roll up shades are of natural weave variety that I love.

Most of my furnishings at present are vintage or antique, except for the accent chairs which are covered in a cotton fabric and/or burlap, and great impulse finds around town. Yes, one does appreciate the local Homes Goods store from time to time! Which brings me to the decor in the room. Did I tell you I have a real addiction to earthen pottery decor which I love to collect from local artists here in Seagrove, NC. You must visit and take a tour - there's no better way to spend a day or two visiting all the creative potters at work in their studios and galleries.

Oh...and I forgot to mention the "Star Queen" of our Owner's Suite - the BED! I sooo love our bed. It took quite a search to find this one and I won't be replacing any time soon. Well, maybe until we move to our next abode. I chose a low-profile platform with a tufted back head-board from Vanguard a few years ago. I customized with one of their Eco-friendly fabrics (linen weave) and have not tired of it yet. The mattress I chose by 'Earth-Care' was also purchased at Furnitureland South here in N.C. I happened upon their mattress showroom, and at the time they had the largest showroom of mattresses one could ever dream of including the largest selection of Eco-friendly mattresses at the time. This was such a find for me especially after having returned 3 other famous brand mattresses to other stores, that neither I or my husband could agree to sleep on. Hope I don't have to go through that for another 10-15 years or so. But a mattress purchase is one of the most important furnishing decisions you will make through out your lifetime. Seems like another Blog read for another time but let me just relay, that I have over 20 years in the home furnishing industry (o.k. maybe more) and a lot of product knowledge in the mattress industry from many Manufacturer tours and seminars. I actually even won a set, a beautiful King set on a Mfg. cruise event. Was quite the rage at the time!! Whew...always more knowledge to be learned. While my Bio-based eco-gel foam mattress brand is no longer being made, petroleum usage was minimized in the production of its resilient memory foam. Happy to see the manufacturing process today has only gotten more efficient along with many more sleeping options for the consumer in regards to comfort. Perhaps, more on this topic to discuss at a later date.

I have always tried to use bedding made from natural fabrics. The Martha Stewart Living quilt I've slept with for a few years now has worn thin; time to recycle it. Acquiring a new one will be no easy feat. I sleep better with all-cotton varieties, because memory foam beds can emit more heat and being of middle age doesn't help either. Many women will understand :). So that creates quite the hunt for an eco-friendly, cost effective solution. This might be one of the hardest things I tackle this Challenge, but I will persevere in my hunt!

I am so excited to finally be undertaking this challenge. While this time around is shorter because we don't have the extra time awarded us from the onset of COVID in the spring, I am definitely feeling how swiftly this event moves and admiring all the other participants that make it to the finish line in the normal 6 week time allotted.  You can follow their journeys as well--Read about the others here-

Time to sign off now, so wish me luck in my endeavors to refresh my 
bedroom and check back next time to see what I curate!!

See last week's post here.


Here are a few dreamy bedroom accessories i couldn't resist posting in creating my floorplan. If you purchase any of these pretty things i will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!

  Happy Shopping!!


Debbe Daley said…
Deborah can’t wait to see the final bedroom, live your inspiration!
Janet said…
Looking forward to seeing what you end up with! I adore beautiful bedding!
Hi Deborah:

I really enjoyed reading this post...and loved learning about the potters in your area. Thanks for that tidbit.

I also can see you have a big focus on eco sustainability, which is great to see.

Good luck with your challenge.. and I look forward to following your progress!
Looing forward to seeing the end result!
Anonymous said…
Oh this is going to be great!! Sounds dreamy. I love designing bedrooms and can't waitbto see yours!
Chari Herndon said…
So excited to see the final reveal! Loving the inspiration.