One Room Challenge ~ Week 4

Happy Halloween All!!... and my witches' hat goes off to all the other One Room Challengers that have made it to Week 4! I'm getting cooking on all the installs this week and my big one finally arrived! The curvaceous silhouette shape of my new dresser is just what this angular barn style room called for. It shows off a bit of the more darker undertones of the wood grain in my bedroom than from the warehouse style store I purchased from, so I am having to pivot some in respect to my color palette in my very bright bedroom. I like a stark contrast, so here is where I will play in trying to create the sensuous bedroom I have dreamt of. The blues are such soothing colors. While one of the most popular color hues in the spectrum, it's always been too cool color for me, unless of course you blend with some green, then that's where I tend to be drawn more to. Thus, turquoise is one of my favorite colors and speaks to my indigenous soul as well. These are some of my favorite pieces in my collection that I hope to display somewhere in the room!

Alright, here is just a preview of the dresser which is stained in a weathered taupe, grey wash that creates a beautiful cerused finish. Delicate bronze hardware bring attention to the eye and provide easy handling on gliding the drawers. This style of finishing furniture was very popular in 16th century Europe. A white lead-based pigment was used to dull the original color and emphasize the wood grain thus creating this popular trend from artisans of old! 

While a another similar technique is used today consisting of whitewashing and bleaching wood grain to lighten, cerusing consists of a simple brush-and-buff technique, and is less messy. If you are a DIY and would like to read more on this technique, here is an article on WikiHow.

Another important element that was tackled this week was the sourcing of the fire element for this bedroom. Did I mention I was wanting to create a  more sensual and intimate space, away from all the noise and distractions that take place in other living and now working areas of the house? Is it any wonder why Feng Shui encourages the use of a fire element to heat things up?! One of the "greener' options is use of an electric fireplace! It's on it's way and I have teamed up with my carpenter to help create a surround that will bring this to fruition in the next week or so. So please check back!

Here is a beautiful installation that provides some inspiration courtesy of Victoria that has given rights to showcase from 'Touchstone'

Yes, Fall has arrived...and with it cooler nights, crisp air, and a 'Blue Moon' this time to hoot. I hear this one is kind of special and you can read all about it here--

I hope you enjoy Halloween this year and make it a safe one as well!!

Can't wait to show you what's brewing next week....

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Janet said…
Looking good, Deb! I love your collection of turquoise accessories - it is one of my favorite colors too and I look forward to seeing everything in place!
Anonymous said…
Fireplace will be a nice touch, look forward to seeing the end result
Lisa Peck said…
Looks great so far. Love the turquoise accessories One of my favorite colors too!

DebSoChic said…
Thanks so much. It is coming to fruition real soon!
DebSoChic said…
Thankyou! it was a last minute decision for this challenge so I hope so too!!
DebSoChic said…
Thanks so much! I hope i can find a display unit that will do them justice!