ORC Fall 2022 - Week 2 | Demolition Day!

Welcome back to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge!! This is where all that frustration and sense of renewal comes into play. I'm finally saying goodbye to our old deck! Good riddens...hasta la vista...bon voyage...you served us well!! Whenever I get engulfed on a new project, I get a little nostalgic and grateful. Time to move on and make new memories. First up - hire a Carpenter; I contracted with Sunrise Home Repair. While my home location was located out their usual service area, they, along with us, were excited to take on this big project so they accepted the bid!

Journey back to week 1 to get caught up.

Work has Begun

This part of the deck remodel took a better part of a week. But all gate, stairs, nails, posts & boards came off and were hauled away and what was salvageable repurposed as well. The original framing, consisting of the brick pillars and joists remained and were in good standing condition.

If you would like to get a bit more educated in the actual construction of a deck, this is a great video provided by The Home Depot company: 

The Flat-Lay

In the meantime, I shopped for the materials and lighting that were to be used for this project. I created a 'Shadow Box' for the deck as well! 

I just love the colorways of the raw metal, natural grasses, moody grays and black playing off each other. These are perfect for an outdoor scape that promises to be low maintenance but at the same time remain a bit neutral to update a back deck environment. I think the next owners of this home will appreciate this modern, but earthy palate too!

The 'Deck'

I chose TimberTech® composite decking for the boards, sleeves, drink rails, steps, risers, and fascia running throughout the deck. While maintaining our budget, I was able to purchase from their Prime Collection and order it in the Sea Salt Gray, which was suppose to have a speedy turnaround,  knowing how difficult supply chains have been for the construction and design industries. Most of all I didn't want this current project to run longer than a couple of months. 

This product has a subtle, straight grain pattern and I just love its minimalist texture. It is very long lasting and looks like authentic wood without the deep grains .Can't wait to walk on it! Our back deck is heavily canopied from the trees, and so I don't anticipate it heating up unbearably in our southern climate, if barefoot.

Originally, I thought I would forgo wood posts for stainless cable railing, but was introduced to galvanized 1/2 " pipe that would prove to be more cost effective and provide a bit more modern touch. I am a bit of an adventurous interior designer so I think I am going to take a risk and try something new! The sleeves are stocked in black and that will contrast with the deck nicely.

I was able to purchase lighting that will be an easy 'DIY' install while the deck is being constructed. But since I designed a multi-level deck with steps down to a lower level deck free of handrails and running across the boards, I still need to coordinate matching lighting on the risers as well. We shall see what transpires. I am an advocate using night sky lighting to lower the light pollution for the natural wildlife and l found downward facing low voltage lighting will serve the same purpose. 

Now, we wait....

It shouldn't be too long before a scurry of action returns to our back yard. In the meantime, we will have to hang tight and perhaps, shop, shop and shop some more. There's furniture and d├ęcor begging to come to the party too!!

I spotted some pretty cool chairs at the last High Point Furniture Market and if I don't mind saying, were pretty comfy too!! Till next time...

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


Leslie Carothers said…
It's looking good, Deborah! I am looking forward to seeing how that railing looks when it's installed.
Unknown said…
So excited for you getting started on this - I look forward to seeing the progress! Great thoughts about lighting too - we have patio string lights at the moment, which I love, but one of my hummingbirds keeps trying to drink at them (I may just have unique hummingbirds?!). Love those chairs too!
Tiffany said…
Outdoor living is so wonderful even in the fall. Can’t wait to see how it all comes out!
Linda Merrill said…
Hi Deborah - a big project but looks like it will be fantastic!
Deborah said…
Unknown- Thanks for your enthusiasm! I too love festive string lights. Lighting is such a vital design element. Lots of options to consider!!