ORC Fall 2022 - Week 3 | Build-A-Render

Wow!! It's finally happening!! With the old deck officially gone...I can imagine now with a clean slate.Welcome back to the third week of the One Room Challenge

Oh the possibilities are endless. This is usually the step in the design process where I start to go over all the design elements: decking material and grid, railing material, step compositions, lighting, furnishings ,rugs, decorative accessories, and of course sight-lines. I am sure there are few minor details that will creep in as construction gets underway.

But, in the meantime my designer mind has all the wonderful elements dancing in my mind like an artists' paint palate (or should I say 'Witch's Brew'!!). But wait, I now have the ability to visualize my design right before my eyes and my rendering and technical skills will bring it all to life!

Journey back to  week 1 | week 2 to get caught up on this project.


So here goes...if only the backdrop of my dreams was somewhere exotic, like some far off land. I can now place my designs into a multitude of environments. For this coastal retreat I most certainly would need a very large umbrella...along with strong sunscreen!

Another landscape to visualize would be: 

These are test runs that provide me with a visual of the conceptual space I am designing for.

Yet, another--

If this is your first time to the EarthenChic Blog, please take a look here and visit some beautiful renderings that I designed for the Seasonal Living & e-Design Tribe's contest this past Spring! It was truly an incredible event, celebrated by all the sponsors and contestants at the famed High Point Furniture Market! What a great time!!

Here's a look-

Also, if you would like to read about this past project I've provided the link as well:

Alright, enough reminiscing....time to get to work

The beauty and convenience of using a tool to render my designs is the availability of different materials and products that can be interchanged while presenting to clients different perspectives.  It is very well received when presented to clients that need sometimes to "see" a design come to life. However, the process can be a bit tedious and time consuming, but a terrific tool to use nonetheless.

Touchy Feely

Some of the products that has really caught my attention for this project are from the Outer Company. As a leading manufacturer of sustainable All-Weather wicker furniture and elegant, durable  teak, they are a front runner for this purchase. We will just have to wait and see. Here are some of their modular designs:

I really like some of the samples they sent me. They are pretty soft but have textural weave and nice weight. They look to be very durable. I haven't landed on a favorite yet, what is yours? 

Another chair I came across at a local store was a bit more transitional and might blend really well with some of the existing outdoor furniture that I obtained from Pier 1 Imports...a few years back!

Alright, as you can see I am bit obsessed with 'chairs' about now, but I promise that it will all come together by the end! Hopefully by the next posting the actual construction of the deck will be underway and I can shift my attention to more important tasks at hand.

Don't forget to check back and in the meantime follow my Instagram handle for more up-to-date fun and progress.  You can find me here----@debsochic

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *

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Amy said…
I really enjoyed reading your post and your focus on comfort as well as style. I also focus on chairs as thats the fun stuff in a design where you will be relaxing., looking forward to seeing you're finished product.