ORC Fall 2023 Week 8 | The enSuite Reveal

Welcome back to the Reveal of my One Room Challenge of the 'Mister/Mistress Ensuite'!! I know you're anxious to see this transformation in all its glory! If you care to take a peek back at the before pictures you can start at the beginning, 8 weeks ago!

...and here are some of the "before" pics of our very outdated, tired, in disrepair bathroom-

There is a reason why bathroom and kitchen remodels command the utmost care and attention whenever renovation projects are started. They can be very costly and time consuming, not for the faint of heart. With that said, let's take a look at all the special features that make this serene space an earth-friendly haven!!


  • Love, love, love the linear Masterbrand vanity refurbished in an espresso stain, retrofitted with new roll out and slide out features, snazzy gold hardware, and gorgeous low maintenance Cosentino quartz countertop in 'Desert Silver'
  • New frameless glass shower enclosure with swing door and 'Bellagio' chrome hinges
  • Highly efficient dimmable LED, fogless, vanity mirrors and alabaster sconce
  • Updated porcelain vessel sinks, chrome faucets and coordinating towel accessories
  • Softness added with RTDressings on the window with white delicate sheer and side rod
  • Water closet revamped in style! 
  • Regrouting and refresh of existing tile
  • Indulgent ICO towel warmer
  • Upgrade of towels, accessories, and plants

...a couple of months later brings us to today in EarthenChic style!! The ensuite is now a retreat of wellness, biophilia and sustainability. I curate all the elements for a bathroom renovation carefully and holistically. You won't be in hurry to leave this space and when you do, you will be in an uplifted state of mind-

This space really creates a place of calm - whether preparing for the day ahead or unwinding before bed, I can now really appreciate the clean, spa atmosphere of the new ensuite.

I was also able to give the water closet a refresh as well! I continued with the beautiful sea green shade of grass cloth along the wall. One of my favorite elements in the project-

Autumn is my favorite time of year in the Carolinas and enjoy it so much, I originally designed my garden tub surround with that in mind. It needed a refresh for sure in the modern day, so I decided to keep the tiling and update the faucets and decor! I still love a good soak here...

This Master/Mistress Ensuite is now brought up-to-date, with all the modern conveniences we need-

Earth Elements

At the start of every project, I like to assess where I can conserve on energy and resources, and also how I can infuse earth friendly elements into my design. Not just for esthetic reasons but for wellness concerns also. How can we be kinder to our planet and to our bodies and minds? It makes me happy today to know our human population is growing more conscious with these concerns too. My native Coharie ancestors knew how to live this way-

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

                                                      ----- Native American Proverb

  1. Preservation of existing porcelain tile | Sustainability; Cost savings
  2. Refurbishing existing cabinetry
  3. Maximize task lighting | Energy efficiency; Mood Enhancement
  4. Materials | Quartz; Alabaster; Porcelain; Bamboo; Water Hyacinth; Local Artisan Pottery
  5. Waterflow | Rain flow; Low Flow
  6. Fabrics | Wool; Ecko-Tek Cotton
  7. Metals | Anti-microbial Chrome Finishes; Brass
  8. Noise reduction | Vents, quieter sommes and low profile
  9. Heating & warmth | Low wattage towel warmer
  10. Paints & Stains | Low VOCs, Low odor; Waterbased
  11. Mindful accessories | Refillable soaps, lotions, toiletry conveniences

Well, another project completed and so I have another for my book! So grateful for being a part of the 'One Room Challenge' in such good company. Many, many thanks again to Linda Weinstein, the founder, for providing this wonderful platform where Interior Designers, Enthusiasts & Do-it-yourselfers all come together to support and cheer one another. Please scroll through some of them on the ORC site! And once again, happy to have Apartment therapy as our media sponsor for another great event!!

Please visit DebSoChic.com to enlist any of my design services that will sure to bring some peace of mind to your home renovations and delight all of your senses in the process.

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *

** Many, many thanks to the contractors that assisted in this project such as Steve with Churchill Glass & Mirror, Michael Lightbourne Electric, David at the Grout Medic, Stone Systems, Shwartz Plumbing and especially my very own handyman...my husband Mike!!


Linda Merrill said…
Love your ORC makeover! The vanity area is great!
Christie Adams said…
What a gorgeous transformation! I love that vanity!!!
DebSoChic said…
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Deb: Congratulations! You have really shown how to DIY a complete bathroom transformation with just a few new elements and a lot of hard work.

Your vanity area turned out so beautifully - that new lighting makes all the difference with the darker, restained cabinetry.

I am also a huge fan of that sea green color of the grasscloth, as I recently repainted my entire home in SW Sea Salt.

It looks so calming and lovely, Deb, a perfect oasis.

Thanks for sharing the process with us through the ORC!
Lisa` Peck said…
Deb: I love how your vanity turned out. So beautiful. I also like your smart updates that kept the tile. You really illustrated how you can refresh a space without changing every element.
DebSoChic said…
Thank you all very much for your comments! While acting as Principal Designer of your own home projects is for sure an asset, it doesn't hurt to reach out to pros for undertaking any remodeling that is planned from the start!
Amy said…
What an exceptional reveal, I love the materials you chose and how it is now such a calming and restful space. Beautifully done! You've inspired me, we'll be tackling our master ensuite in the years to come.
DebSoChic said…
Thank you so much Amy! Happy now that I can finally enjoy it all!
Janet said…
Such a beautiful and thoughtful update, Deb! I love the new vanity area and how well you integrated the existing elements like the tile into your new design. Kudos on a stunning outcome!
DebSoChic said…
Janet,thanks for all your comments and for following along with this tough One Room Challenge!! I am finally enjoying it all--
Robin Burrill said…
What a transformation — and with such timely focus on biophilia and sustainability. This truly is an oasis retreat for the client, beautifully done!!
DebSoChic said…
Thanks for commenting Robin! Designing spaces with earth-friendly elements is what I aim to do!!