ORC Fall 2023 - Week 1 | The Master & Mistress En-suite

Vanity Render by DebSoChic Studio

A Little Backstory...

Welcome back to the EarthenChic 'One Room Challenge' blog!! In case you've been wondering where I've been these past few months, since Spring's ORC of my very successful overhaul of my very own laundry room (view posts here), I was recuperating from the very stressful rush to the finish line where I had attempted to complete, in addition to the laundry room, two bathroom refreshes as well! Whew...that was a bit much to tackle all at once :).  I did however complete 2 of the 3 projects and you can check out the upstairs refresh here- Both spaces turned out terrific!! Last but not least, the Primary Bathroom, aka the En-suite, was somewhat left in the wings. Except for the install of the fabulous counter top by Cosentino, there was still a whole lot do as far as a partial renovation goes. Soooo here goes....

My hat firstly goes off to Linda Weinstein, the original creator of this fabulous One Room Challenge where, Interior Designers, Do-it-Yourselves, and Design Enthusiasts, get to embark on an 8 week journey of trials and tribulations while they get to refresh, renovate, refurbish and remodel special places in and around the home transforming them into magical environments from their imagination! And all of this would not be made possible without our wonderful sponsors including the main media company Apartment Therapy. Follow along as I finally give this project its proper lift-off!

The Vision

But first, let me tell you what I have been envisioning for my En-suite. Of course in EarthenChic style, a 'Zen' retreat would be most pleasing. I need a space that functions for the body as well as for the psyche.

Also, much attention should be given to sanitary measures as well. I love a clean and orderly space which definitely brings me to the topic of organization. As with all spaces, making purposeful decisions to house our daily essentials is a must.

I will tackle all these design dilemmas and this time leave plenty of time for decorating and creating a harmonious sanctuary in our newly updated and transformed En-suite---


While a total renovation would be really grand in this current domicile, it really isn't necessary for all the elements in this bathroom currently. When building this home over a decade ago I knew that it wouldn't be too long into the future that the latest and shiniest of new product would be always making its appearance in the marketplace. Being conscious of this fact and keeping with a natural themed esthetic as my goal.

I was able to choose a porcelain tile for outfitting of the En-suite which has really held up great while still bringing me joy! This will remain. The placement of the tub, shower, toilet, & cabinet w/vanity will stay in their original configurations as well. Remember: this is only a "partial renovation". 

Renovation Goals

  • Freshly painted walls "Bohemian Lace" by Sherwin Williams
  • Quartz Counter-top by Cosentino (Desert Silver gloss)
  • Re-grout shower tile, clean & seal
  • Wallpaper
  • Refinishing cabinets in General Stains - dark brown dye stain
  • Changing out the hardware & modifying with roll-out drawers
  • Replacing glass shower enclosure with frame-less model
  • Replacing mirrors over vanity
  • Removing and installing new lighting
  • Replacing double sinks with porcelain vessels
  • Installing new chrome faucets 
  • Replacing all hardware and accessories
  • Replacement of vents

Here is my concept board of some of the design elements I have been working on before this project got underway:

Of course, I have left room for some new goodies to complete the updated look and I cannot wait to curate wonderful finds perhaps on my shopping trip to The Fall High Point Market?! Excitement is building for this, only 2 weeks away!! Come shop with me and stay tuned, virtually of course-

Decorative Elements

  1. New vanity stool
  2. New window treatment
  3. New Rug
  4. New towels & mats
  5. New bathroom toiletries  
  6. Greenery & accents

So now I have a pretty concise goal of what I have planned for this project, and with two very major important tasks already scratched off the list, I can continue with confidence that completion will happen this time, WAIT....in just 8 weeks?! Yikes, no time to spare so check in again and don't forget to see what the other participants of the @ORC have in store as well----

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


Amy Wax said…
Love your concept board, it promises to be a stunning room once it is done, I can't wait to follow your progress!
DebSoChic said…
Thanks so much Amy! I am very anxious too!!
Janet Lorusso said…
My primary bath is next on the list once I finish the kitchen refresh! Looking forward to seeing your progress on this! It's going to be great!
DebSoChic said…
Thanks Janet! Can't wait for the reveal-