ORC Spring 2021 - Week 5 | The Midnight Hour

Clearing the Clutter, Once and for All!

Back again this week with lots of paper pushing! In case you ever had the pleasure in remaking, redesigning, renovating your home office space, then you know what I am referring to! All these years I have been so efficient at hiding away the clutter and the excess, you would never guess what's under the rug, so to speak! Yes, I have used the One Room Challenge! as a motivator to get me moving. If you need a refresh to how this One Room Challenge all began, please start from the beginningAs a reminder, the One Room Challenge was started by Linda Weinstein and hosted by Better Homes and Gardens. 

This week was different because I actually was multi-tasking by doing a "challenge within a challenge" so to speak. I stumbled upon Lydia Martin's Banish Business 4 Day Clutter Challenge to introduce me to some tools and get this new app called Evernote under my belt. This is one great organizational app that stores EVERTHING!! While I probably would need some time to learn another app...that's a Blog for another day-

Project at hand

So now that I feel hopeful there are cures for all my past paper clutter and future endeavors, I'm on to more physical tasks that will require hand eye coordination, decision making coming from my left and right side of brain, endurance, and perseverance. Let the painting begin! I am choosing a Sherwin Williams brand of course, from their Ovation line (low emission fumes and toxicity) and am choosing a color from their PASTEL collection:

SW 6259

I have also managed to clear out my space, for the most part, to begin the process:

Here is also a sneak peek of some of my seagrass wallpaper I will use to highlight  an accent wall-

While most of the functional furniture pieces are in-house already, I will be repurposing some vintage pieces I've acquired through the years as well as purchasing some accent pieces to add some much needed pizzazz! On the shopping list:

      • Wallpaper
      • Lighting for my chair & 1/2
      • Curtain rod and sheers
      • Accent stool and pots for plants
      • Artwork for the walls

Design Role

But if you are just eager to find out what kind of an environment works best for this Designer, let me paint a better picture for you.

So, what does a Hybrid Interior/eDesigner actually DO?? I provide hands on Interior Design/Decorating services that help transitioning folks, at different life stages, uplift their homes and offices by creating earth-friendly spaces! I provide curated commerce, physical and through electronic commerce (ecommerce) by providing customers with unique collections that may not be offered by other online retailers in the Home Furnishings & Décor market.


What this all translates into is that I will need storage for some product samples that I carry, for local clients, and concept boards I assemble in-house. I will also, need book storage for some catalogues that hold product-lines for ordering merchandise and some books for reference. And, I will need storage shelving for my samples of décor lines I carry to retail on-line!

Next, I will need a dual monitor, with camera, for all the digital work I do!! A mouse with a roller ball for easy maneuvers,  And now I learned, I will need a scanner, paper shredder, and recycler pail too! And of course my favorite paraphernalia...cord containment. Think :: streamline ::      

Another accessory I came across, that might be a benefit is the Rocking Foot Machine by Humanscale. It is suppose to dramatically improve one's health through ergonomics. Since, I do spend many hours at the computer, wellness is a big consideration these days. Also, definite wish list item for Christmas!

...to be continued

Well, I haven't gotten to the good stuff yet...perhaps next week will provide some of the furnishings and décor that will turn this blah space into spectacular. A road trip planned to the High Point Market might be in the works, and I am always amazed at the inspiration and new products I come across that I can bring home from market for my current clients and future customers to decorate their home spaces with. 

In the meantime, I have curated a weekly shopping board to view and ponder what the next new trend may be! Some of the affiliate links will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase.

* Happy Shopping *

...from the Light of My Home to Yours,



Janet said…
I bet it feels great to get all your organizing and digital organizing done! And I love the texture of grasscloth - can't wait to see that installed!