ORC Spring 2021 - Week 6 | Excitement Building

Week 6

Always love this point of the One Room Challenge when your idea for that special space starts to take form from just a budding concept. It's sort of like a jigsaw puzzle! And by the end...the final pieces all start to fall into place nicely.

Please look back to previous weeks
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to see where it all started. The One Room Challenge is a 6 week biannual event started by Linda Weinstein, and sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens. This time around I am tackling my home office/studio to remake it into a space that will serve my work days at home well. It has been extended to eight weeks this year, to accommodate the challenging times we are all facing, and alleviate some of the pressures created from shortages and delayed shipping and to provide some peace of mind!

This year has been quite the challenge for those of us that have adapted to their home spaces serving as work space as well! Last spring at the start of the Pandemic, I had to totally redesign my family den and turn it into a professional office for my IT husband. Please have a look back to see this amazing transformation on Instagram!

And now it is my turn to remake my once everything-craft-bonus room into an efficient, inspiring space for me to operate my Interior/eDesign business out of. How I revamp, refresh, and remake this room over can be all viewed here and did I forget to mention there's only about 2 weeks left?!!

Let's Go!

A Trip to High Point Furniture Market (HPMK)

Aahh!! So much inspiration, always great conversations around all the latest trends and happenings in the exciting home furnishing industry!  It was not by design that the HPMK would be taking place around the same time as the ORC but it is so convenient for me because I live an hour and half away and can make a day trip of it; this time by the last day of the show! The mood this year was very upbeat and all were very optimistic of more good things to come in the year ahead. It's a grueling awakening at 5:30 in the morning for me, but grateful there's a Buyer's only parking lot that awaits only for the early bird. So off I flew, and upon my arrival was happy to first be greeted by a "Duck Donuts" food truck. Then it's off to see what's new and trending and what 's been waiting around for me to gather up and take back home!


That is this year's motto and these are the motivational verbs I am using for my Home Office/Studio space! In case you are not familiar with High Point and it's goings-ons, it is one of the largest international industry trade shows for the furniture and décor market! I have been an attendee now for over two decades and after being in the furniture industry for a very long time it has by far been very instrumental to me in running my interior design business and online boutique. I have watched and been a part of how this market has evolved thru the years and am always amazed by its resiliency! 

The Hunt

This year has been really challenging to say the least, in trying to acquire product for customers and for myself as well. But, I have managed to think outside the box a little and because of smaller boutique showrooms making inroads and adapting to these ever changing times. I discovered some really neat finds on the streets of High Point this Spring. Some of these might actually make final cut into my new home office/studio.

Found lots of gorgeous décor at the showroom Aiden Gray on Main street. The blue inlay is so striking!

Love the lightness of the furnishings in this space. It has a very global chic feel and the drum-like tables are really neat!

Also very interesting is the sleek and earthy lines of this wood and acrylic mix table-

I was very drawn to these magnetic boards and thought that they would function well to hang concepts of projects on-

For a bit of reprieve from the heat, I spent a good portion of my day visiting the Market Square (retrofitted from an old mill) where I have done business with traditional showrooms and some newer vendors as well. I can find the most innovative and up and coming home décor there as well! I was so happy to learn that a favorite window treatment dealer of mine was "Style Spotted" (an industry recognition) by Keia McSwain this year and deservingly so-
Take a look at this luxurious window treatment with its colorful embroidery on black satin. Gorgeous and silky to the touch. Perhaps I can work this into my next ORC in the fall! :)

 My current space is calling for something different, and I have also come across many options to consider. Wait and see which ones I actually hang for my small 32" window over the garage.

Here are some beautiful ones as well-

Love the lightness and silky feel with the weighted hem to finish-

This linen/blend is definitely so chic!

There's a nice assortment of styles and fabrics to choose from and Rhonda the Owner @RTDressings is so talented and helpful-

What I also see trending in a really big way this year is wicker, rattan, and bamboo anything. Really glad that more sustainable options are coming to market and thus into folks homes. These especially inspired me-

And my last photo of some beautiful new décor I spotted
was of these pieces with a very organic design-

Back at the Office

Well my shopping trip turned out to be exhilarating and productive, but now back at the office, it's time to turn my focus onto more pressing tasks at hand. And since I always save the best pieces for last, that means there's still lots to do! With the painting nearly finished and shelving walls just about wallpapered, I am ready for some decorating!


- install magnetic boards
- adhere trim to walls
- hang window treatments
- decorate shelving
- shop and pot plants
- accessorize

Next week is when this process gets really gets exciting and everyone else participating in the challenge starts to scramble to tie up loose ends before their final reveals, so check back then!!


Maybe it's not official yet...but summertime is upon us and with it comes fun, entertaining and outside escapes. This weeks curation speaks to an easy style of living. If you so choose to make a purchase, I will make a small commission from those links, with no additional cost to you-

* Happy Shopping *

...from the Light of My Home to Yours,



Sheri Bruneau said…
Thank you for sharing your experience at High Point! I'm looking foward to seeing your completed space!
I enjoyed seeing what you loved at HPMKT, and I also, a few markets ago, fell in love with the porcelain pieces you shared in the last image. You have to touch them to understand how wonderful they are!

I'm looking forward to seeing how your #ORC turns out, Deborah!
Janet said…
Thanks for sharing you HPMKT finds! I absolutely LOVE that black embroidered fabric!

Can't wait to see your ORC reveal!
DebSoChic said…
Thank you! Such ethereal beauty too!!
DebSoChic said…
Thanks! It's hard not to fall in love with!!