ORC Fall 2021 - Week 1 | Be My Guest!

 Be My Gues!

It's Fall!!! Sooo excited to finally be undertaking this wonderful refresh of my empty nest bedroom.
Even though it's a bitter sweet task, I've had some time to set some intentions for this airy space that was customized from the original floor plan and modified for my family's needs. 

Welcome to the Fall  2021 One Room Challenge!  As a returning Guest Participant, it has been an honor and pleasure to participate in this bi-annual event created by Linda Weinstein in it's 20th running season. The allotted time of 8 weeks is quite the challenge in these unprecedented times to say the least. But once again I am up for the challenge!! Not only do I get to immerse myself in my passion-filled career of Interior Design, but I get to be part of a wonderful community of like-minded friends and colleagues.

If you are wondering why my Earthen Chic blog appears a bit different this time, it is because I have changed  up my color scheme to showcase the latest 'color of the Year' tone of Evergreen Fog. It is a healing, creamy mix of green/grey/blue.  Sherwin Williams is a continuing sponsor for this event along with the famed Better Homes & Garden media company. Since  EarthenChic is an eco-friendly blog I thought this color palette would reflect the mood of it's sole purpose...to bring earth-friendly design elements to your home and office. Follow along this Blog series to see how I transition this  space and turn into a  wonderful bedroom retreat that will beckon my guests for a a little respite-

The Bedroom

Since this is a room in my own abode and of late inhabited by my grown young adult,  I have had to think long and hard as to its new purpose. Since, this is a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 story ranch house, with my main bedroom suite downstairs, this upper bedroom would be best used as another bedroom for guest visits from in or out-of-town. And who knows, with themed Airbnb's so strongly desired in the hospitality market, maybe this space can serve a new purpose as well! Will just have to wait and see!

Here are some before pictures to bear witness of what will be an amazing transformation....

Well.....as you can see this room started out with a teen in mind and there are some remnants of some good bones there. I will most definitely be reusing some of the better furnishings and d├ęcor as everyone is aware of the shortages created by the global pandemic.  Designers everywhere have been severely affected by this unprecedented supply chain of this world's economies. And if you would like to delve deeper into topic please head over to the Designer Loop on my website www.DebSoChic.com to read more about it. But for now, let's just say an IKEA Mod platform bed is a good viable piece of furniture with a blonde finish that will work into my 'Earthy' easthetique. Also included in this modern set is the the MALM dresser, nightstand and shelving. The Berber carpeting recently installed throughout the second story, will serve as a neat foundation to layer a rug or two! (I was paying it forward. ;) So, with an almost clean slate to start....let the fun begin!

The Project

Here's the scoop....ooops, I mean scope!
  • Freshly Painted Walls
  • Create a Star Feature 
  • Tactile Rich Rug/s
  • Flowing Drapery/shades
  • Install Eye Catching Accent Lighting
  • Luxurious Bedding
  • Earthy Accents & greenery for sure!

This should keep me busy for awhile, but remember there's only 7 more weeks to go!
So, here I goooo!!



Janet said…
Ahhh, good luck with your ORC Deb! It's going to be fun to follow along and to see how you use the SW color in your design!
DebSoChic said…
Thanks so much Janet! I'm a big fan of the green family.