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W O W !! There are so many participants for the Better homes & Gardens One Room Challenge. I am following a few as well, and I wish I had more time to follow All. But I must not get sidetracked as to why I am here this Fall, And that is to transition a secondary bedroom on my second floor into a Guest space that is serene and peaceful, as well as a welcoming and relaxing space to be in, no matter the time of day! Who knows...I might find myself a perfect respite away from the spaces I usually inhabit throughout my own home. I am very lucky to have this luxury to do so, so please follow along with me to see the exciting visuals I have planned- 

But first...let me explain the reason for taking on the transformation of my home at this time in my family's and I life. I came upon this Challenge after I had begun a new pivot in my career to eDesign! Working from home remotely posed many challenges for all of us in this household. While a 2500 sq. ft. story & 1/2 ranch provides all the comforts and necessities a home could possibly need for a small family, sometimes the rooms in a residence need to change with the times, so to speak. Read a few of my past Blogs here to learn about those other room transformations.

Rightsizing of Home

Lately, I have been encouraged by the author Belinda Woolrych to "Rightsize You Home" in her insightful book which is the empty nester's guide to a stress-free downsize. In her book, which can serve as a guide for taking the ardent task of transitioning your home for what lies ahead, sometimes unbeknownst to one at the moment. Belinda is a 'Property Make-over Specialist' that has really shed some light for a booming population that could be going through some major transitions in their life, and that person is me!

Since, the last couple of decades have been spent living the suburban "dream", I found this flow diagram, created by ".id the population experts" quite insightful and enlightening on where other folks and their families could be on there  life cycle.

Now that you have a little bit of the reasoning for my ORC motivation this past year, I can proceed to show you the visuals that I have been working on. 

Digital Design

This is a digital flat lay of the impending guest room that will be undergoing its wonderful transformation!

What do you think of the color palette for my dreamy gust room? EarthenChic exudes earthiness and serenity with an underlying theme of native style. Of course, nothing is set in stone till the final reveal....6 weeks away still, and who knows, I might just sprinkle in some seasonal hues too!

Well, I have got a lot on my plate planned for the upcoming week. Fall marks the ending of the summer season filled with lazy days to the impending start of the craze and all its splendor. Did I mention I am a "Fall Girl" ? Every year at this time The Parade of Homes takes place in my surrounding area of Raleigh, N.C. and some wonderful show models are open for viewing, with many already having been sold. Some are especially worth noting  because of the cool new features that are included from area and national builders. Here are some that  especially caught my eyes!!

These are from the Savaan Townhomes by Ashton Woods in Morrisville, N.C.-

Also, in the new masterplanned development of Chatham Park, N.C. were some unique interiors form Garman Homes here-

With a healthy dose of inspiration in my bags I will be all ready to take on the next big venture to come my way this fall and that will be attending the High Point Furniture Market!! Sooo excited to see what will be on trend this year so I can show to you all the latest in home furnishings and decor. This weekly event that takes place twice a year never disappoints in the amount of energy and commitment that it takes to put on the largest Furniture Trade Show of its kind and I am always so ecstatic to  share  with the rest of the world my favorite finds. So bear with me over the course of a couple of weeks while I make my way into these 'new normal' times to work into my new way of conducting my design business and bringing passion into your home-

Follow along on the EarthenChic blog as we journey together!!

...from the light of my home to yours,


In the meantime, feel free to get the EarthenChic vibe by shopping some of the wonderful decor and furnishings I curated for the mix. And as always, if you make a purchase through these links I will earn a small commission as well......

*Happy Shopping *

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Janet said…
Pretty colors and materials you have planned, Deb! Looking forward to seeing what you do! (and to seeing you at market!)
DebSoChic said…
Thank you! A little late to the start so challenging indeed.
Will definately be driving in at least for a day!