ORC Week 8 | Guest Suite Final Reveal

2 months just flew by this time for the Fall One Room Challenge! It is a busy time of year and especially this year more than normal. People are wanting to get out, explore and are setting their sights on new horizons. It's almost like they are in "I don't know what to do first" mode! Well...first things first for me has been remaking this now empty bedroom that has seen some transitioning life phases of my daughter. This time is no different, with what was built as a beautiful room in an upstairs second half story of my ranch house, would now provide a restful retreat for visiting guests. Who would have guessed that my first guest would actually be my offspring? I can't wait to WOW her!!

Of course, she will not be the only guest to arrive at our humble abode, so I wanted to create a space that could be welcoming across the ages without much fuss!

  The pluses are an easy restful sleep in an Ikea memory foam bed; a vanity niche that is comfortable to sit by;  steps to a full bath with a vanity nook to create an 'ensuite' experience; and a fresh walk-in closet that is quite roomy


Everyone loves a before picture so I am not going to disappoint. My before is not so bad, it just lacks a bit of luster and has a terrible case of the drabs. It screams for an update!! 

It really was a pleasure to redecorate and refresh. I just love the sereneness with touches of glamour and earthiness all wrapped up into a single cohesive space. Don't you think?


In these unprecedented times of product shortages, inadequate labor demands and shipping delays, it for sure will go down in history as the most difficult time to remodel, remake, and decorate ones home. Determination and ingenuity help bring my design all together. Such as in the installation of several of the light fixtures requiring much finessing.  After careful consideration of several hanging pendants at World Market, I ultimately chose a tiered "hat" shade made from natural weaved fibers. I swaged a brushed nickel chain in lieu of hard wiring and love the soft glow that radiates in the corner. Definitely the star of the show!

Other lighting fixture I replaced were the sconce and ceiling flush mount.  Easy to update and install and in stock at the local home improvement store.

My wall feature surprise also played a big role in creating the perfect ambience  and my 'handy man Mike' help make this a reality for me. After asking my husband if he would like to give up his IT day job to assist full time in client installations he gave a gentle "I'll pass"! Appreciating his help to pull this one through even with the wood prices increasing daily!! Crafted from solid alder and lightly pickled stained it matches beautifully with the aged Ikea  Bedroom set which up-leveled it for sure! Even though part of this challenge had many hurdles, one can see it all came together beautifully in the end.


With all my interior design projects I like to consider how best to create an environment that satisfies ones senses while being earth-friendly in the process. With that objective I was able to bring in light and sound through using the new GE Smart Led Bulbs that are turned on and off with the touch of a remote or connects to a phone via Bluetooth to play music or podcasts. I also included a flat panel screen for their own viewing at their convenience.  A tray with some refreshments will be an added bonus upon arrival for sure! 

A very important element to this room installation were the window treatments. The soft 100% cotton drape panels brought the room from it's previous dull color into the light instantly. My fall shopping trip to the High Point Furniture Market was a successful one. I was able to order from my vendor RT Dressings and received these drapes in only a few days! Owner Rhonda DeGraff is always a pleasure to do business with and l always enjoy our meets in HP. She assists me in selecting the proper window treatments for my projects; the grommet style for this guest room is unfussy and slides easily.

 So...what was my favorite part of this One Room Challenge you might ask? I would have to say that without a doubt the Vanity Nook!! It transformed my space instantly and completely! What a little 'Black Magic' can do for the walls; all thanks to ORC sponsor Sherwin Williams. Dark, soft and moody it serves as a perfect spot to bring on the day, or relax into the night. The little opalescent stool was a real décor find amongst the other upcycled pieces I previously owned. The contrast of the black and white room is always in team with classic style but on-trend to allow for the cohesion of a little "Glam" into the space and our lives. Would love to include this in your next space too! 

Another feature in my guest room I was anxious to create was the "Gallery Wall".  I have always wanted to display an interesting collection of various artists all in one place and thought I could break up a very large wall between art hung and décor displayed on shelves. I could write a whole separate blog describing all the wonderful pieces on display (and I might have to) but I will make mention here of the art on canvas purchased from 2GirlsAntiques in Raleigh, N.C. and the one created by my very own Kayla Newell for a college project. Some serene additions are the shadow boxes which bring an organic element into the room. I loved how I was able to intermix it all. If there are some pieces you would like to inquire about you can visit my *on-line shop* to search for pieces to to call your own. My wall is always ever changing as is the décor in my shop!

When I am in the process of creating a room design I tend to want to keep creating and sometimes I have  to force myself to STOP! It is like when one is in their flow the ideas keep coming, and coming...

This time was no exception and what seemed liked a "what if" moment turned into a "why not" and the home for a furry friend was born. I picked up this cute little "bed" at a Homes Goods store and now my guests that like to travel can bring their pets along as well!! (but no more than 10-15lbs. please:))

And last but not least,  the closet to this wonderful guest room got it's very own refresh as well! Painted in 'Unique Grey' from Sherwin-Williams it compliments the black and white colorway of the rest of the room's palette-

It seems another event is in the rear view mirror now and even though I am little melancholy, I know in just a few months Spring will be here and so will another One Room Challenge! Shall I dare say, the wheels will be turning again. Perhaps, the next project will be your home and if you need some wizardry in transforming your space visit my website *DebSoChic* and check out my services so we can collaborate. With many years in the residential design industry and knowing the ins and outs of the furniture and décor markets, I have a vast network of resources to bring your dream spaces to life!

Thank you to the team at One Room Challenge for creating this terrific event and to Better Homes & Gardens, Sherwin-Williams, and all the other sponsors. Please visit the other participants for a tour of some great spaces as well!  See you in the Spring...

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *

As promised, I am providing you with a "Shop The Look" board of all my favorite things for this ORC! It is part of the eDesign Holiday gift guide coming out for "Black Friday" !! Shop small, shop local, and shop on-line. If you make a purchase through my affiliates I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you-

* Happy Holidays *


Leslie Carothers said…
Deb: your guest room turned out so well. I love how you created the vanity niche to add a little glam to the earth friendly decor you used elsewhere. Congratulations on getting this done despite all the challenges. Your guests are going to love it - as are their pets!
Janet said…
Great job, Deb! The glam and dramatic vanity nook is my favorite part, but I love the feature corner and hanging pendant too - such a cozy wonderful space for your lucky guests to feel pampered and welcome!
LiLuLisa said…
Such a dramatic transformation! That nook is so beautiful and I adore the light fixtures you chose. Your guests will surely enjoy this room!
Sheri Bruneau said…
I really love your vanity area as well. So dramatic and sexy! Congratulations on your new space.
DebSoChic said…
Thank you so much! Looking forward to "wowing" my guest(s)!!