ORC Fall 2021 - Week 7 | Hat of Many Colors

This week has been moving  kind of quickly! Pulling all the elements of my guest room together has been exhilarating, to say the least. While creating a newly redecorated space in less than 8 weeks may seem like a good amount of time, I can't even imagine getting it all done in the course of 6 weeks, which was the norm for the One Room Challenge originally. With the special circumstances due to the Pandemic, I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful  event, carried on by superstar designers, and enthusiasts alike, Please follow up on some of their remakes here. Also, a big thank you to the many sponsors that make this challenge possible and especially to Better Homes & Gardens-

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Vanity Area 

I am so pleased how this little area of a larger space was transformed! With so many options before me to choose from, I couldn't be happier with an on-trend paint color to toot...."Black Magic" by Sherwin Williams in a soft eggshell, dare I say, is so dreamy!! With such a dramatic color on the walls of course I would have to compliment the rest of the room with that of another to contrast with, bringing to life a classic black and white palate but with an 'earthy' element!! Another neat find was the white and mirrored console with the iridescent vanity stool that fits under like a glove. I love that it has a bit of sparkle in it to add to the magic! I wanted to make sure that my guests visiting have ample room for getting ready for the day or for their nightly routine. The full bathroom is only steps away but this adds to the ensuite roominess. 


Outfitting an Ikea bedroom suite is no easy task. While sturdy and sleek, finding luxurious sheets and pillow cases to fit is quite hard to find and to order on-line as of late, very difficult. I guess one can blame the pandemic related shipping delays and if you would like to read up further (please do!) on the topic, for easy access I have included it here in my Design Loop blog series. But to be moving right along with the project deadline I purchased a variety of brands to curate my very own 'couture' ensemble. I know my guests will be wanting to know more for sure :) 

Pendant Light

Searching for a corner pendant to hang over my bed was the most fun for this project. Sooo many to choose from in todays market and to my surprise some of the import retailers managed good loads of shipments, so I was really pleased. But what turned out to be another challenge was up leveling my fixture so as to create a beautiful swag for its installation. There is so many different kinds of chains, to accomplish this task that I wanted to pay attention to the details that can make a world of difference. Have you got a favorite? 

Stay tuned for the final reveal to see the unveiling. Also, I included another treat for my guests when they come to visit. 

With todays "smart home" lighting features, they will be able to turn on their overhung lights by voice command, adjust the type of lighting (e.g. warm, cool) and its intensity, along with setting a mood with different color tones! Not to mention, one will also be able to play music with the simple Bluetooth connection. Whew... I think I have covered the realm of the smart light here!!I was excited to learn of these evergreen possibilities in lighting that I installed a few smart lightbulbs throughout my own home! Please visit GE's home to learn about these innovative advances in lighting technology or take a trip to your local home improvement store to see displays there-

...And on that note, I will stop boring you with the last minute details that make the heads of the best Interior Designers heads spin around so fervently!! There still is one more week to pull this gracious guestroom together and sweep you off your feet before the Holidays arrive!
I just can't wait!...can you?

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb * 

 There still is time to set a welcoming mood for all your Holiday guests this year. If you need a little help envisioning what your space can be transformed into please visit my studio at DebSoChic today!