ORC Fall 2022 - Week 7 | Artistic Inspo

So I hope you were following along these past few weeks on my Instagram handles @debsochic or @earthenchic to keep abreast of my deck goings-ons and its progressions. Out of my control during this project was the wait time for deck and fascia boards to bring it to completion. During that time, however, i was able to do a bit of traveling across the country and "down under" ! I came back sooo inspired from my Australia trip that I chose to incorporate some of the inspo into my current deck renovation. While celebrating a personal Anniversary, I was able to steal away some time for my business/passion filled endeavors. While not a preplanned event, I learned of the Design Sydney Arch. trade show, going on across the way from my hotel! What a 'kismet' opportunity!! While a returning event making its debut in Sydney, Aus., and not nearly the scale of the many big metropolitan shows I have been accustom to going to, it was nonetheless very interesting to peruse the many trade booths on their main show floor, and meet some very unique vendors and the varying array of designer/architectural products and services offered.

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Design Show Australia

I was excited to see that a prevailing theme in Australia's design easthetique was earth-friendly products and sustainable environments. I also was very intrigued how the territories I visited blended the past and present in their structures and aesthetics. While a blog on my overseas travels can be a topic for another time, I will highlight some of my favorite sights that are sure to influence my decisions in regard to creating my outside woodland haven for the @oneroomchallenge and @apartmenttherapy event!

The Tea Rooms 1892

This wonderful original tea room was housed in one of these Arcades, full of wonderful and unique shops, a prevailing way to shop in Sydney and Melbourne cities. Of course, I imagined what it would be like to be a shop-keeper in one of these historic buildings as opposed to the kind of decor boutique I owned in southern California once upon a time!

A Walk on the Wild Side

Whether walking about the streets or embarking on a trail, I was always very keen to pick up on the sights, sounds, and smells of my environment. And my walk through a temperate rain forest filled up my senses.

Another of these surprising walks was along cliffs next to Bondi Beach that showcased very unique art installations along its path. It was really a wonder to see and quite the hike for about a mile or so...

Cultural Tour

Some of my 'gallery picks' were from collections at museums and community galleries. I was enamored with how many of the art representations tied into the natural environmental themes that make up Australia. Too many to include on this blog, I only provided a sample to highlight here---

I hope you enjoyed my varying 'mood boards' from  my latest travels to Australia! While Interior Designers are meant to posses a keen eye for  unique and unusual objects as well as being sensitive to their surroundings, I thought this could provide a peek into what has inspired me as an earth-friendly designer. While my travels did not allow me to bring back many physical goods, the ethereal gifts that I returned with will remain with me for a lifetime!

There's only one more week left to the reveal of the One Room Challenge and I am sure to delight you when you view my woodland backyard paradise. Be sure not to miss it.....

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *

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