ORC Spring 2024 Week 7 | Lights On!

So here we are! at the 7th week of the One Room Challenge event!! Sponsored by the media company Apartment Therapy, the home stretch to having a fully completed designed, refresh, remodeled, rebuilt space in your home in 8 weeks will be coming to a close. You can circle back to the first week, where I deconstructed my Dining Room that was much in a state of loss identity. It needed to be redecorated! And that is why I embarked on this journey, along with other designers, do-it-yourselfers, and enthusiasts on a mission. Please visit their journeys also-

Lights On!

One of the most important elements to creating a finished designed space is taking into account the Lighting. The vast array of inventory to choose from, whether it be online, instore, or in the showroom can be quite overwhelming. Also, the vast array of differing types and styles can be mind boggling. Hiring a professional designer that has experience in this department can be quite helpful and very necessary to save you costly mistakes and time. Aside from just choosing a style, which can be very subjective in the days of "anything goes", the mechanics and installation is to be most considered. Such as how many lumens should a space contain? what is the color temperature of the bulb(s)?, integration for LED, smart lamp, power source, wattage?. Other features to keep in mind are, if you are needing task, ambient, or accent lighting, or spot lighting. Always consult a certified electrician for installation and/or any consulting before you begin.

Some older homes have older wiring that isn't compatible with the newest and latest light fixtures offered today on the market. Sometimes you may fall in love with a particular model that will need rewiring. So, keep in mind while dimmers are a rather great feature for some lighting that can really benefit from turning the lights down, they can also create ambiance. Another feature that is important today, is making 'greener' choices in your selection. In the state of California, for example, there are certain safety requirements. How much energy savings are you taking into consideration when purchasing? Can one be fashionable in their selection and make an earth-friendly choice as well?

I can certainly help with your decision making!

Show Stoppers

When I shop the Trade Shows for lighting, I can view thousands of different varieties in a day. It is quite the extravaganza to be able to be party to this activity. Conversations can run pretty deep with reputable manufacturing representatives discussing production to logistics. It has become one of my favorite shopping experiences at market. Here are a tiny few I was able to snap pictures of-

Some of these lighting fixtures are prototypes and not quite available to place an order with, so finding stocked items was my main mission and accepting delivery before the 8 week deadline of this challenge. The final reveal will unveil what was acquired!

The Main course

Finally...this week my lovely dining chairs arrived!! They are really dreamy. They are barreled shaped and constructed in a muted grey/blue weave performance fabric. And they swivel!! Watch here-

Southern Accents

I was able to land upon some beautiful artwork for my project this time. They cast a serene energy that I think will blend perfectly with the other decor pieces that are premiering in the space. These 'Radiographic Images' by Albert Koetsier from the Netherlands, were uniquely created from x-ray photographs, capturing the essence of plants and printed meticulously with ultra-high resolution, transforming his concept onto tempered glass panels so uniquely-

This past weekend the City of Raleigh, entertained the event Artsplosure in its downtown area! It turned out really neat, and the clouds kept us under the shade the whole time too. Everybody was really elated with the turn-out this year, and I was lucky to find a beautiful ceramic fountain by Kyle Carpenter from 'Greenthumbpotteryasheville' too!

Each was hand-made and so this one spoke to me individually. I love the melding of the blues, greens  and browns, with the sound of trickling water ever so gently-

Till Next Time...

I still have a bit of styling ahead for the coming week....our final week! It is usually my favorite point of the challenge, and I am so thrilled how it all is coming together. Please check back next weekend for the R E V E A L !! I know you will be eager to see this amazing Dining Room transformation. If yous is in need of a little or bigger refresh or remodel don't hesitate to contact me at the DebSoChic Studio--

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


Kylie said…
So many beautiful choices! It looks like it's going to turn out amazing!
DebSoChic said…
Thanks for stopping by my Blog! Yes...sometimes it's so hard to choose because I love 'beautiful things' !!
Janet Lorusso said…
Swivel dining chairs are a brilliant choice! Looking forward to the reveal!
Leslie Carothers said…
I love that you turned to local sources for the finishing touches for your home, Deb. That radiographic, nature inspired artwork is really pretty, too. I look forward to seeing the full reveal next week.
Amy Wax said…
You have chosen so many great elements, I cant wait to see it all come together in next weeks reveal! Thanks for sharing your process, it is certainly inspiring!