ORC Spring 2024 Week 6 | Putting It All Together

Welcome back!! Just chiming in to the One Room Challenge A D V E N T U R E ? No worries...catch up here- 

I am always astounded when people enter into my home for the first time and express their delight over what they are seeing. It gives such a great impression with its high ceilings and abundance of light! With only 2500 sq. ft of floor space, it shows a lot larger, once inside. Even with a ton of mess, now crowding the entryway and dining area opening, even a delivery driver was amazed at the transformation. My first note of approval that I am producing something good! Whoosh...headed in the right direction!!

My second delivery arrived today, and it was one that I knew would pack a heavy punch...the 'Sideboard.' I will have to admit that I have searched hard and long for just the right piece to "play nice" with the others in the room. :) While working within a 12' x 13.5' ft space, I did not want to crowd it, but utilize it for the much-needed storage space this home was definitely lacking in. Also, I don't like to crowd a room and do appreciate negative space, whenever I can spare it, to ease the mind. I hope I can pull this off when I finally pull the room together. Here is the beautiful marble top buffet I acquired, and I am simply in love with its lines and mix of textures and colors-

Ode To the 'Rose'

It will have plenty of room for my China service of 14, (that I don't intend to use any time soon), but also provide enough room for flatware, linens, candles, and such. The beautiful delicate gold rimmed China pattern was chosen by mother, so of course it would have tiny floral vibrant pink roses, for 'Melrose' my mother's name. I remember when she acquired it in a fabulous gift and home decor showroom in New York City, where she worked for a time and years later, where we would shop for our decor businesses as well! She loved it so much and I guess it skips a generation and my daughter would like to acquire it as well, with her middle name represented with a 'Rose'! I love how life spins a web with those that are dear to us, and the vicarious meanings we women attach to things and events. I will simply preserve the set till she can proudly use and display herself.

A Touch of Class

I decided to test the nuance about adding a bit of black to a room, by painting the perimeter of the room in a soft black - 'Black Magic' by Sherman Williams. With Farmhouse and Scandi fashion taking advantage of this trend these past few years, I decided to refresh the color palette of my home as well! It also makes an appearance in several other rooms so as to provide continuity throughout. Not too much...not too little!

When I originally built this house, I had the Builder, attach molding about a foot below the traditional ceiling crown molding, so as to create visual interest. It was a unique touch, from the usual chair molding which served no purpose in the space. This also gave me the option to highlight the perimeter of the room in another color and/or texture. I equally loved the soft green hue that I originally chose, even though I've decided on an update. What do you think by the way? The jury is still out!

Picking Up Sticks!

Just on cue, was the delivery of the table base. While I admired quite a few at the beginning, and even attempted to order one or two, this task was the hardest of all, because of the logistics involved. Sometime the answer is right in your own backyard, so to speak, and I bumped into this newer design from a local store, that has been recently introduced to the market, so decide to give it a try...and viola!! It works well. But of course, not until my handy installer at home (my husband) could figure out the puzzle of assembly!

Once assembled though, it is really quite sturdy and quite striking for my super heavy 1/2 " beveled glass top. I might also add, that it really picks up the hues of my new wool rug underneath as well!

Time for a Respite

Well, I think I will end reporting for the week, because I have a peaceful Mother's Day outing to the beach planned with my family, this weekend. The stars are all aligned for a beautiful, sunny Mother's Day, and I plan to take full advantage of it. And speaking of the stars and all that is celestial and atmospheric, the Aurora Borialis, commonly known as the 'Northern Lights' put on quite a wonderous light show, around the globe these past few evenings!! It could even be viewed in the Piedmont, where I reside in North Carolina. My property is heavily wooded, so it was hard to view, but I am suspecting Mother Nature is trying awaken our senses and tell us something. Are you listening?

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


LiLuLisa said…
Looks like your dining room is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see the final reveal.
Janet Lorusso said…
Love the texture on that buffet and looking forward to seeing what all those table base pieces assemble into!