ORC Spring 2024 Week 8 | The Dining Room Reveal

Here we are at week 8 of the One Room Challenge. It is R E V E A L time!! I am super excited to show you my dining room transformation after 8 long hard weeks of designing, curating, and procuring a dining room space for this open-concept home. But first, let me thank all our sponsors of this wonderful design event, including media partner Apartment Therapy, for bringing this and many other participants projects to life. Most of all, I would like to express gratitude to Linda Weinstein, the founder, for creating this wonderful event. It is for interior designers, do-it-yourselfers, and enthusiasts to express their creativity while supporting and cheering each other along the way! Please make sure to visit their reveals as well, as it is filled with their hard-earned work and wonderment.

While the formal dining room is being built less and less in average new home markets making room for more multi-spaces and open concept living, I was presented with the challenge of refreshing, re-invigorating as you will, my outdated and tired semi-formal dining room. A challenge I was most anxious to undertake because of all the furnishings and collectables I had accumulated throughout the years. I had fallen into the trap as being the family "gatherer" of inherited and passed down acquisitions, some, (if I am being quite honest) that I don't even like! While I had finally made peace with relinquishing certain objects and pieces of furniture, still before me will be the tiresome job of sorting, donating, storing, and selling off the "unwanteds".

But now I have a fresh space to work with and can keep those items I love and acquire those I desire and need! Like with all the spaces I design for in my own home, I like to work with earth-friendly elements and create an environment of ease. I also like to awaken all our senses to what we are experiencing in this world all around us.

Let me remind you where I started before I undertook this journey:


Now, here are some of the highlights from this project that I simply am enamored with:

  • Freshly painted walls with perimeter black accent
  • Wonderful to the touch, wool 'Sudan' designed rug
  • Restyled dining table with new abstract wood base
  • Upholstered barrel chairs with castors for swiveling
  • Luxurious Jacquard drapes and sheers in grommet style
  • Fluted sideboard with marble top and storage space
  • Mod mid-century styled cabinet
  • Satin bronzed 'Full Orbit' LED chandelier
  • Bronzed twig lamps
  • Photographic walled art -glass
  • Banana bark woven disks

This just might be my favorite room in the house so far! It is a space that welcomes intimate meals, whether by daylight or candlelight, inviting one to relax and stay a while. It can also lend itself to party games or casual coffee/tea and conversation! It is a very comfortable dining space with a calming esthetic...

Another special feature that was a sure treat to add to the Dining space and a much needed, was this unique fluted, marble top sideboard! There is so much room for china and table accessories.

This beautiful Mid-Century Mod Display Cabinet can now hold some of my favorite decor pieces from my varied collections. It also has 3 levels of spot lighting, thru the glass, to highlight those pieces and seagrass as a backdrop-

Off in the corner, I was able to keep an Antique Pier Table and could accent with some woven basketry for interest. It is a burled wood mahogany piece, that was passed down to me and is perfect for dispalying flowers or serving light food fare!

...time for some treats!

To set a livelier mood, I picked up the cutest little retro-speaker that can tuck into the corner for music listening-

Here is a vantage point taken, to show off the linear curvature of the glass top and upholstered castor dining chairs, along with a day-to-day setting. It is a transitional space that blends heritage pieces with contemporary flair seamlessly.

When you are designing elements in an open floor plan, it is always imperative to create a synergy with your neighboring spaces. It is important to take into consideration existing furnishings when adding new pieces to an environment.

Don't forget to bring the outside in, whether it be plants, or a water feature like this earthy ceramic fountain. I love the sound of trickling water one can hear upon entry.

Eating is a necessity of life and where we like to partake in this activity is an important part of our daily routine. Choosing a diet that is wholesome and nourishing increases our longevity and taking time to enjoy one of life’s simple joys should be a pleasurable one. Why not create a special space to enjoy it in and indulge all your senses. Whether alone or with company, you are deserving of this favorite pastime.

Need help in pulling a room in your home together?  You can always reach out to me and we can create that special place together-

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


Hi Deb: It came out so beautifully! Congratulations on finishing another ORC. I especially love that sideboard. It's really gorgeous.

I hope you and your family and friendsenjoy many more meals in your new dining room - made even more special now because of the lovely surroundings!
Janet Lorusso said…
Beautiful job, Deb, congratulations!! My favorite piece is that sideboard, though, 😍 it's just perfect!
DebSoChic said…
Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments! I am really looking forward to my next gathering!!