ORC Fall 2023 Week 4 | Let there be Water!

Read about the beginnings of the project here:  Week 1 |  Week 2-3

Well, this is the moment I have been waiting for! A new shower install...well almost new. This time around we had embarked on a partial renovation of our Ensuite. It entailed a lot of new elements that had to be replaced, but had to coordinate with the existing porcelain tile, which is in pristine shape, but over a decade old. While not totally outdated, it has an earthy, slate look and feel, so I wanted to restore its finish and incorporate it into an updated design. This promised to be a much harder task than a totally new renovation, since it all had to blend. We shall see if I can pull this off!

Pictured, is Steve Churchill Glass in charge of this part of the install. He's the guy who tracked down the last 2 remaining 'Bellagio' door hinges I specified, and we have yet to see the finished product. Unfortunately, the door glass panel arrived a bit bowed so, back to the maker it went and a new one is on the way! It will have to be completed next week-

Shopping Trip to High Point Furniture Market

...and off to the races I went! I had a lot of ground to cover while there. Luckily, my many years of attendance to the world's largest furniture market, has allowed me to know my way around town very well. I knew where to source the product I needed from reliable vendors, with a few new added to my list.

Of course, I was able to attend a seminar to improve my education and inspire my design motives as well! Also, no market would be complete without taking in some beautiful vignettes to view and peruse. I procured some beautiful artful objects I'll be adding to the mix as well--

The lighting showrooms were all the rage this market, and I visited quite a few! Here's a sampling from: Corbett & Company, Hudson Valley, Mitzi, Hubbardton Forge, Currey & Company, & Veraluz. There were many more as well!

To say the least, I was somewhat overwhelmed by all the selections! But I enjoyed the process. Also, the current sconce that I had installed is starting to grow on me, especially since I have already budgeted for it:)! Wait and see how it all turns out in the end...just in 4 more weeks, YIKES!!

I am also in search of a bench for my vanity and decor for the bathroom and decided to visit the Antique Market as well. I bumped into some of these patterns with texture-

These were some other Earthy elements I was drawn to for my "Zen" space.

I bet you can't guess what they all are! One pertains to a stool, another for window treatments, and yet one more for wall covering!!

Back Home

Phew!!! It's good to be back home in the studio, curating my mix and scheduling final deliveries and installs. My feet are happy too! I am leaving myself a whole week for the final details this time...so please hold me to it. Putting the "final dressing" on this design is the best part. I am almost there. Oh, I forgot to mention that the new drawers have finally shipped as well, time to get that final coat on the cabinetry! Back to work....... :D

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


Janet Lorusso said…
Great progress, Deb! Looking forward to seeing it all done! And fab lighting previews from HPMKT!
It looks like you found a lot of great things at HPMKT and I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together in the end!