ORC Fall 2023 Weeks 2-3 | Down & Dirty 'En-suite'

Welcome back to my EarthenChic Blog! In case you're logging in for the first time, it should be an easy catch-up for you. Week one was my first introduction to this seasons' One Room Challenge event of the Master/Mistress Ensuite renovation. And thanks again to our founder Linda Weinstein for the opportunity to make this all possible!

The Shower Tackle

As a project that got its start during last Spring season of the @oneroomchallenge it was now time to start implementing some important tasks at hand. The first of which was removal of the old glass shower enclosure, yayyy!!  After a few saves of keeping the old door intact and swinging, it finally gave up and would never fully close ever again. And while I gave up proceeding with trying to purchase and install one during the Pandemic...well, let's just say I had my sights set on more lofty endeavors. And so, I was now finally able to move forward in this very important part of the project.

I decided to upgrade our ensuite with a totally frameless glass enclosure model. I also chose beautiful hinges for the door this time around as well. Take a look at these sleek modern chrome ones. Lucky my installer found the last two in stock. So excited for this hidden screw mechanism that won't show the rust either after time.

Since the glass shower enclosure must be cut for custom sizing, I felt it would be worth the little splurge for a designer's simple pleasure :) Just one more week till it is installed, but in the meantime, there was the matter of a little clean-up about to take place...the re grouting, caulking, and cleaning of the shower, ugh! I hired the grout folks to do a professional job and realized that I had to keep a close watch for a satisfactory outcome. Also, my porcelain tile had for the most part held up well but needed a little more TLC to bring it back up to good standing. I think we finally achieved that!

With this partial bathroom renovation this time around, I decided to achieve an earth-friendly design by not installing new tile and revitalize the existing and upgrading elements in and around for a total refresh'!

Let There Be Light

On the other side of the bathroom, there also is a whole lot going on. My lighting installers are removing the existing vanity lights that were above the old vanity mirrors. They were chosen by me and at the time of their purchase quite adored. The moisture permeated one of the pair and became outdated as well.

While I love minimalist design and products that serve two purposes, I chose newer lighted, rectangular mirrors. After carefully analyzing proper color temperature, wattage and lumens (imperative for space planning) I can honestly report that these mirrors provide adequate lighting. Some of the features of this model: they are energy efficient LEDs, dimmable, color changeable and anti-fog. I absolutely love them and their hue across my vanity and vessel sinks.

In addition to the lighted mirrors, I had picked out a unique sconce for the center of the wall between the two mirrors. It was an impulse purchase I picked up at a home-improvement store that would fill in the space for lighting I specified there. I didn't want to foot an extra expense in having the electrician visit twice, so I had him install one to occupy the space. In fact, it has grown on me, although not sure if I will decide on another model. What do you think of this 'Swirl'?

It is definitely more modern in design with a lustrous chrome shine. Another feature I like is that this LED luminaire can accommodate different moods with 3 color temperatures from warm white to cool white. It also boasts 50,000 hours of glow with 850 lumens. No need to change a bulb here!

I like some of the other sconces as well by Artika-

Try this fantastic 3D rendering of
the model also available in AR
Try this fantastic 3D rendering of
the model also available in AR

For the water closet, not to be left out, I replaced an outdated ceiling 'boob' mount with a more minimalist design. This flush mount energy efficient LED had a built-in night light setting for those after-hour visits too!

Next Up...

A very important feature that most homeowners never have to deal with when building or moving into their new home is the little matter of choosing and installing the vents in their house; there is a whole array of varying models to choose from. I decided to try a few since our old ones were rattling and making noises that could wake up the best of them in our attached bedroom! From energy star rated to playing music, I decide to try the latter for fun. Unfortunately, an older model I ordered online was not meant to be because it would not properly fit onto the vent duct tube. In fact, come to find out, choices were limited for the original cut-out, so luckily without too much refitting, my "handy husband" was able to construct a new box for another updated air vent model.

I also tried a model with the LED lighted version but could not tolerate the distorted hues in the room and blinding streak of lightening occurring with every turned-on switch, so I installed this pretty discreet and quieter sone model to blend onto the ceiling (w/o light) and admire its non-intrusiveness. 

In addition, the water closet is also getting a refresh in this challenge, so he installed an updated quieter model as well. Also, energy efficient, and less noisy!

Closing Thoughts

So, tackling these few installs these past two weeks have been a bit challenging, but all are completed satisfactorily. I have got in a couple of purchases and orders in for the updated base cabinet in the bathroom. New drawer inserts and pull-out shelving will make a world of difference in regard to the organization that needs to take place. This was one element of the bathroom renovation I thought cost too much, but with the past depleted inventory levels and delayed shipping I do believe the costs finally trickled down to the finer details. I will just have to wait and see if in the end it was well worth the investment!

Next week promises to be a busy one, with the High Point Furniture Market trade show going on, I plan to attend and make a few purchases while there! Always excited to see folks that are in the Biz, attend a seminar or two, and peruse and shmooze the isles. It's kind of a "designers' day out" from the normal day to day work life. Check back next week to see what treasures I bring back!!

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *