ORC Fall 2023 Week 5 | Fall into Place

Wow!! Week 5 of the @oneroomchallenge has arrived! I am so appreciative of Linda Weinstein, the founder, and all the sponsors of the ORC with @apartmenttherapy as the media partner for motivating me to complete this partial-reno of my ensuite, in just 8 weeks!

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My hats go off to previous participants that could complete their challenges in 6 weeks, back in the day, but in these modern times, with unpredictable inventories, stretched out lead times, skilled labor shortages, these tasks are not for the faint of heart :) 

So, let's jump right in! Once we get over the halftime hump, I find that things start to drag on a bit...still waiting on a few shipments I start to worry that all might not get delivered on time. But with all the notifications I'll be sure not to miss any ahead of time. 

Top Drawers

I was so glad to FINALLY be able to install glides and drawer boxes to add to my existing bathroom cabinet base. While the shaker style cabinet is in great condition I decided to refinish and upgrade some features and add a bit of value from the original builder stock options. Now, my medicines, creams, and such can be out of sight and not create a mess and clutter on the new counter top as well! I was so happy to learn that a smaller dealer of the Aristocraft brand was able to provide the product that would match the existing interiors of the cabinet as well. It was a costly upgrade but one that is "worth its weight in gold" !!

A photo of my husband Mike installing drawer glides and boxes-

Still to arrive are the cabinet roll-outs and all the hardware that will be added to this base cabinet. This was a bit trickier to rebuild since I had to use a different distributor for each of the elements. It will be totally refreshed when completed. Bet you can't wait to see the finished product....I know I can't!

Window Dressing

Another win I was able to accomplish this week was ordering the curtain panel and rod for my bathroom window. Now let me stop here and tell you the why behind my actions. During the original construction of the house, I was given the option of a diffused window or clear glass. I chose diffused for privacy. At the time a clear stained-glass look was in vogue, so that's what was installed. Short of reinstalling a more updated glass window I decided to create a more subtle glow coming from its west facing source, by adding a partial sheer linen curtain panel. I think it will add just the right touch and add some softness for a more spa-like retreat. My trip to High Point Market was very successful when I was able to entrust this endeavor to my long-time vendor, RT Dressing out of Ontario Canada. Rhonda, the owner, is such a knowledgeable and friendly trades person to work with and has been outfitting my windows for most of my participation in the ORC.  Here's a little taste of some of the fantastic luxury window dressings that I am able to install for you as well. Take a peek--

Here are some of my selections:

A Trip to the Dentist!

...and if I didn't need any more last-minute challenges in completing this En-suite reno, my visit to the dentist got me thinking about oral hygiene and the storage of its paraphernalia. How can we, as designers, create a seamless, fluid chore of personal readiness easier for persons without compromising a beautiful and orderly environment? I am constantly pondering these big questions. In talking with my Hygienist, and exploring the different options available, I might have conquered a few! This might have to be saved for last though--

Until next time.....

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


Leslie Carothers said…
I’m enjoying following along with your progress, Deb, and admire your husband for tackling that installation!
Janet Lorusso said…
Bravo, Deb! Adding functionality with drawers and roll outs is such a smart upgrade! Looking forward to the big finish is just a short time!
Lisa Peck said…
Looks like your storage will be a great upgrade. Cant wait to see your final kitchen design.
DebSoChic said…
Thanks All for your comments!!! Still so much to do in not so much time...Wait for the Reveal-