ORC Spring 2024 Weeks 4 & 5 | Midway Point

We are finally into some Springtime weather here in the southeast and I am welcoming it minus my usual spring cold! I am so glad that by now, I have most of my elements for the Dining Room refresh either on order, or on the floor in-house! I plan on taking care of painting a fresh coat on the walls over the weekend. Since there aren't a whole lot of walls to contend with, I will have excess and plan on carrying it through to the kitchen. But that will be planned for another time!! Rest assured, as a Designer, I am always two steps ahead...or maybe three! Take a peek at the other Designers from the One Room Challenge to see how their projects are progressing as well. The official media partner is the media company Apartment Therapy-

If you missed reading the previous weeks, start here:

Take a Magic Journey with Me

One of the products I picked up this week was a beautiful rug from one of my favorite showrooms, Rug & Home. There were numerous rugs to choose from, but I ultimately chose a hand-loom wool rug. I love the way it feels on the foot too! It will add an earthy feel to the room and an adored addition to the home. I can best describe as a modern, Scandinavian, ombre pattern in muted shades of coolness.

Take a look:

...and these are a unique few I got my hands on:

Shopping for rugs is quite the trip. It can be a bit overwhelming for the novice, but with an experienced designer by your side, it can be a pleasurable learning experience. Just remember to dress for the occasion and leave the sweats at home!

Antiquities From All Over

Sometimes the design process requires a bit of flexibility. And maybe a lot of it these days. When I started this design challenge a little over 3 weeks ago, I knew that I would need to curate a dining room and immediately have to procure the elements, in a short time span. There certainly wouldn't be enough lead-time to customize. Product would have to be in-stock NOW! It would also need to follow a concept I created; Look back to my first week's list and you'll see. In today's marketplace there are so many options I feel the woes from my customers and clients in choice paralysis. Many times, it's not knowing all the options available that creates the overwhelm. I have countless hours working and conducting business in international & domestic trade markets, design showrooms, retail stores, online stores, antique malls & various fairs. Whew!! I said it! So, what are you waiting for?

I spotted a last-minute designer venue to attend back in High Pont, N.C. again over the weekend. There was some sipping & shopping as I perused the massive warehouse of 'Golden Oldies Antique'.

I was successful in acquiring some neat decor in my earthy aesthetic so that was a win! I'll add some pieces to my on-line shop at DebSoChic.com soon!

While this destination-oriented warehouse is open to the public and trade all year long, they can certainly fill one's home with a yearn for yesteryear. I almost found some glass top bases from wayyy back to the 70's and 80's but not quite what I had in mind for my dilemma. Travel back in time with me!

Have a look and see if something catches YOUR eye, and then let me know @DebSoChic!

Back at the Ranch....

Finally, I got to receive one of my deliveries this week!! I am sooo excited to have acquired this beautiful fine cabinet from Lillian August. It has a walnut finish and back lined in a grass cloth. Also, accented with brass finishes. If I am describing something a bit mid-century, and a bit Scandinavian, you would be right to believe it. Can't wait to accessorize it and personalize it to my aesthetic.

As a Trade Partner with Furnitureland South, (the largest furniture showroom in the U.S.) I was able to secure this unique piece. Represented there are some of the finest furniture manufacturers and as a Designer it is like having access to a smaller version of the High Point Furniture Market, all wrapped up into one location. Super convenient!! If ever you want to take a trip there with me, you will be pleasantly surprised of what you may find as well! I have access to the showroom as my own, workroom,and if we can imagine it, we most certainly can craft your dream home together!!

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


Hi Deb:

I love the Lillian August cabinet and am having a lot of fun following along on your ORC adventures. I can't wait to see it all done!
Christie Adams said…
So much beautiful eye candy in one post!! I really enjoyed seeing all of these photos!
DebSoChic said…
Thank you to All!
I am enjoying the 'thrill of the hunt' this time around!
But the best is yet to come-
Janet Lorusso said…
Love that cabinet choice, sooo pretty! We are finally getting a little sporadic spring up north too :)