ORC Spring 2021 - Week 7 | Endless Summer

Look who made their appearance just in time for the Summer Equinox, this serene calla lily! It started putting out shoots some time ago, but like all things in life, beautiful things come to fruition with patience-

And just as such, as with the Better Homes & Garden's One Room Challenge. I hope next weeks "Reveal" is just as delightful and surprising! While started by Julia Weinstein as a six week design challenge for pros and enthusiasts, the extra 2 week extension has allowed those committed to transforming their homes into aesthetically pleasing spaces they will absolutely love! If you can just wait about another week, you will be able to feast on all the splendor.

This week has actually been a pretty smooth process for me. Shopping for some odds and ends last minute afforded me plenty of time to just enjoy what I love to do most...decorating!! I absolutely am humbled by all the wonderful earth-friendly products coming to market this past year. I think the wake-up call to conserve our earth's natural resources and to honor mankind has never been more absolute after the past pandemic year we all have endured. 

If you would like to catch-up on past weeks of the my process of revamping my home office/studio you can view all here:

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 While I currently am not in my 'forever' home I wanted to create a functional space that would serve my work-at-home days well, all the while surrounding myself with the convenience and small comforts from being at home. 

I thought this would be a great time to showcase some of the features that were considered but might not make the final cut in my space before next week's reveal!!

This was a piece I picked up that I thought had much potential, it wasn't as functional for the space as I would have liked, but I did love the circular geometric pattern and the acacia renewable wood it was crafted from. It also showed up pretty well against the sea grass wall paper. 

While I continued the trend of shopping locally this week, I visited a great shop in Raleigh's famed Cameron Village called Tin Roof Teas to investigate their wonderful assortment of teas and teapot collections. I actually found a couple of pieces that would complete a vintage pot of mine for my tea cart, but reluctantly passed on a few others.

Some of these more traditional pots were just so unique!

While at a local garden shop I came across this beautiful garden seat that I knew I just had the perfect spot for up in my room, but passed on for the time being. So many beautiful things and not enough space. Perhaps there will be another one to take its place, before the reveal. The green pearled shell was so invigorating to my senses!

So for some runner ups...a quick stroll into a 'Steven Shell' gallery are still some contenders. Their vignettes were beautifully merchandised and there were a few pieces I might have found a home for as well-

Alright, I might have to run back for a few of these pillows, but we shall see!

The anticipation of working in my "new" office is definitely building about now! I haven't actually returned to work in my office as of yet. All of the tech has been disabled as I await for some new equipment to arrive! I hope it all gets here in time. I'm waiting on a new screen, scanner, and of course the shredder!!
For now, I hope you are enjoying the fresh new start to summer and I can't wait to share my final reveal real soon. I've curated another soothing shopping board for the week, reminding me of those beautiful days to visit the calming ocean, sea, or lake. Take a look, maybe some of these pieces can find a home with you!  And, If you decide to make a purchase, I will only make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

* Happy Shopping *

...from the Light of My Home to Yours,



LiLuLisa said…
Looks like your office is going to be beautiful. Can't wait to see the final space.
DebSoChic said…
Thanks so much! Looking forward to the reveal!!
Janet said…
Love that green garden stool...I have just the place for it LOL. Looks like everything is coming together beautifully - looking forward to the reveal!
DebSoChic said…
Thank you, it certainly has been a journey getting here! But a rewarding one at that!!