ORC Fall 2022 - Week 8 | Final Reveal!

...As it was!

It has been over 2 months ago that this deck remodel was in the works, destined to become the winter haven that it finally is! I am still in awe over its transformation, and I know you will agree with me too! But first, let's take a quick look back at the 'before' pictures to compare--

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Throughout its life, our deck was a well lived platform. It has seen parties, nightly barbecues, and most of all, relaxation under nature's beautiful canopies in this woodland setting. But unfortunately, time did take its toll and rot began to take its shape. Many years of staining helped in its preservation but between its ageing and ours, I don't know what gave in first :( . One of the home improvements that we thought would add much value to perhaps, a future resell, would be a 'deck remodel' and that is what we did! And we couldn't be happier!!

Take a Look-

I can hardly believe that I am in the same environment. The deck beckons you from inside to gather outside and take in nature's delights! From the time we built our ranch in the woods, we knew that the trees would take center stage and provide us with ever changing views from one season to the next. 

Since this project's start, I have watched nature's show unfold into what is now, beautiful autumn--

While trying to stay true to my earth-friendly ethics I repurposed as much as possible some previous furnishings and decor to highlight my design. While a past patron of Pier 1 Imports Inc., I kept some of the trendier furniture that held up really well and updated only cushions. I love the 'Spinnason' and was able to finally find the right cushions that could weather easily. So, I bought a couple since they don't last forever! I am sure 'Sumo', the neighboring cat will appreciate it as well!! I added to my new furniture arrangement 2 larger club chairs that have proved to be sooo comfy and a fire table for crisp nighttime beverage sipping. They were purchased from local favorite shops and grabbed up on end-of-season clearance sales. Perfect timing and how lucky!! 


As I mentioned, my journeys from weeks previous let me bring back a touch of culture from Australia. So, I added some pillow covers to this mix. Created and designed by indigenous tribes, the colors and patterns remind me of a beautiful far-a-way place filled with much wonderment. Perhaps someday I can return for more of its treasures! But for now, it will hold all the precious memories made there and the beautiful places and people I encountered. I also added some gentle floret reminders of its Victorian influences so prevalent throughout the country.

As one can see, a good design can be a mix of different styles and textures all inhabiting the same space. Here is a modern design, infused with country flair tied into woodland living. A transitional space for sure! While I set out to create an updated asset to our homestead, it turned out to be a space that will provide so much more in terms of ease of comfort while adding a bit of lux outdoor living. 

While the seasons are changing and winter makes its first appearance, I am getting our new deck ready with marshmallows by the fire and warm hot drinks to enjoy. We'll be cozying up for sure under some fleece throws and looking up to the stars to another place and time and being grateful for all this Earth's gifts that have been given to us for our time here.  

Thanks to the One Room Challenge for another super motivating event that has allowed me to graciously remodel my own home throughout these unprecedented times and thereafter. Also, thanks to Apartment Therapy for their participation as their main sponsor. Please be sure to visit all the participants of this Fall's ORC and let their inspiration guide you, to perhaps, recreate home as your blank canvas! And if you will be needing some design assistance, feel free to visit my studio at DebSoChic --

Wishing all the Best of Seasons to come--

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *

** Check back real soon for my Holiday Gift Guide! It's sure to delight!!


Janet said…
Congratulations, Deb! This turned out SO beautifully and I know you will enjoy it every day! I just want to curl up next to that fire pit :)
Gigi day said…
Painting a cozy picture - "We'll be cozying up for sure under some fleece throws and looking up to the stars."
DebSoChic said…
Thanks so much Janet! With our warmer days and cooler evenings, we for sure have been enjoying it!!
DebSoChic said…
Gigi! Love this time of year when the skies are bit clearer for star gazing.Thank you do o er reading!
It really came out so well, Deb. Congratulations on getting it done!
Lisa Peck said…
Your deck is simply wonderful. I really like the new metal elements of the railing and the cozy feel of the space.
DebSoChic said…
Thank you so much! I experimented with some new elements for an updated look and am happy I did!!
DebSoChic said…
Thank you so much Lisa! I experimented with some new elements for an updated look and am happy I did!!
Amy Wax said…
Beautifully done, I love your mix of style and colors embracing the view and surrounding environment. Great post!
What a gorgeous, cozy space!