ORC Fall 2023 Week 7 | A Vanity Affair!

Week 7 is finally upon us! It has been a really challenging journey renovating the Ensuite, even partially, in these trying times! Having to refurbish, refresh and bring up to date the bathroom ensemble is a labor of love for sure. I am so elated to have an audience while I embark on this journey, it makes it all the sweeter for sure!! Please visit the other participants of the One Room Challenge as well.

So let me update you on what has taken place this past week-

Last week I posted an Instagram carousel reel of the many product lines I purchased for this project.

If you missed reading the previous weeks, start here:

Handles, Knobs & Drawers...Oh My!

My Belwith Meeker cabinet hardware arrived this week and has been installed. It is everything I had hoped it would be good quality and weight, and beautiful curves in luscious gold tones.  I entertained many different styles for the refurbished Masterbrand Cabinetry, in its new espresso finish, and there are many that were equally gorgeous, but I ultimately chose a style that was more organic in shape. Have a look:

I can finally say all the parts of my vanity base are functional and refinished as well. I have functioning "real" drawers now that glide effortlessly not to mention additional storage. My base cabinets have roll-out shelves for an added convenience. The quartz countertop is low maintenance and luxurious. And finally, the espresso-stained cabinet can really shine with its beautiful, unique hardware and gold tone finish. I am in love!

Also, take a peek at my vanity stool in its Boucle fabric. I know the whispers coming out of High Point Market of the trend fading, but not until I acquired a piece (or two) for my collection.

Wait for the final reveal to see which I choose! These Thomasville Brands captured my heart, and I am still deciding on the winner. To my delight I like that they both provide storage too. They were mark-downs and so were steals. Although, not what I originally had in mind from the start, like kismet, they were somehow meant to be:)

If you couldn't get a good look on my reel at the new sconce, I purchased for the vanity, here's a photo of the Elk Home model I finally realized for that particular space. It's crafted of natural alabaster and brushed brass. It is at the right color temperature to give off a radiant glow to the skin yet it's low wattage and lumens are not too high to be blinding. Its moon shaped face is so serene for the space.

Fall is in the Air

And so is the chill! I spent a good part of the week procuring chrome bathroom fixtures, towel racks, toilet paper holders, and last but not least, a towel warmer. If all goes as planned, my electrician will be on hand before weeks end to hardwire a particular ICO Kontour model of my choosing. So far, I have on order this model and will be excited to have this finally installed for those chilly mornings when exiting the shower or tub onto the cold tile. This should add some warmth for sure! It is also has enough space for multiple towels when not heating.

I also ordered a shelf model to hold towels as well and for easy access.
All the other chrome bathroom fixtures are due in any day now, so I am patiently waiting for them as well.

For now, my final week of the ORC will involve some final painting, wallpapering, picture hanging and of course decorating!! Cannot wait till I reveal this highly anticipated project refresh and can finally indulge in a warm hot bath...

...from the light of my home to yours,

* Deb *


Janet said…
Congratulations, Deb! Almost to the finish line! Love your hardware choice - hardware can make so much of a difference!